Two Midway Girls in Serious Condition After ATV Accident

Jun 5, 2018

Two young girls were seriously hurt in an ATV crash near Midway Saturday night.

According to news reports, the 4 and 5-year-old girls were riding with their parents when the ATV they were in overturned. Both girls were flown to Primary Children’s Hospital with skull fractures and potential brain injuries.

According to, another young daughter was also riding, but it was her older two sisters who had the more serious injuries.

The parents, Van and Kim Oakes, said the girls were making progress in their treatments.

Van Oaks told KSL that the family rides the ATV  nearly every weekend.

The Oakes family was riding in the ATV, returning to Midway after a picnic dinner. They were traveling on Cascade Springs Road when the crash happened.

The father says he was going too fast along the dirt road where it hit the pavement, causing the ATV to roll.  Both the 4 and 5 year  were thrown out of the ATV, the younger was pinned underneath the vehicle. Her dad was able to lift the ATV off her as the mother pulled her out.

Both girls were flown to the hospital with critical injuries.

The Oakes say the outlook was positive for both girls, but they could have a long road to recovery ahead.

Friends and family have set up a GoFundMe page to help with the girls’ medical expenses.