UDOT Seeks Public Input on Bike Lanes, Trails, and Sidewalks

Jul 21, 2021

UDOT wants to better understand the public's active transportation needs.
Credit Rail Trail State Park

The Utah Department of Transportation announced today (Wednesday) it is looking for the public’s help to formulate its active transportation plans. UDOT wants to better understand the public’s needs for bike lanes, trails, multi-use paths, crosswalks, and sidewalks.


The comment period for UDOT’s Active Transportation Plan runs until August 28th.


Active transportation is anything human powered -- think biking, walking, or using a wheelchair -- and UDOT hopes the public’s input will help provide better access to trails and paths on state-run routes.


Active transportation is the way many people who can’t drive or choose to not drive commute to and from work, go to the grocery store, or visit family and friends. Active transportation also provides an alternative to getting in a car. That helps with congestion and reduces carbon emissions.


In a written statement, UDOT Active Transportation Manager Heidi Goedhart said it is UDOT’s goal to build a complete transportation system where people have the freedom to choose how they travel.


A link to the UDOT project website can be found here. The website has an interactive map with planned and future active transportation projects throughout the state. 


People can add their comments on the project website, by emailing planning@utah.gov, or calling 385-360-1900.