Utah's Statewide Mask Mandate Ends With New Health Order Effective Through June 15th

Apr 10, 2021

Credit Kathy Kahn FB page / Anonymous Masker

Utah's statewide mask mandate came to an end Saturday. Under a new order effective until June 15th, masks are no longer required in public, but are required at organized events of over 50 people.

The new order specifies an organized event as one arrainged by an event host. Masks will be required if groups of attendees are not able to easily remain six-feet apart.

Masks are still required at state-run facilities like courthouses and liquor stores, as well as schools and hospitals.

County and municipal governments are still able to issue mask mandates under the new order. Businesses also have the ability to require masks if they choose to do so.

Read the complete health order here.