Vehicles Parked Illegally On The Guardsman Road Will Be Towed

Jul 6, 2018

Credit PCMC

The Wasatch County Sheriff’s Department has been enforcing the parking regulations on the Guardsman’s Pass Road near the Brighton Estates neighborhood. They have been towing vehicles regularly and will continue to enforce the parking restrictions.  Carolyn Murray has this:

Wasatch County Sheriff’s Deputy, Jared Rigby says there have been safety concerns that people are parking on the side of the Guardsman’s Road.  It causes a narrowing of the roadway so other cars cannot get through.

“About a year ago, Wasatch County established an ordinance that makes it illegal for people to park from the intersection to the top of right there by Brighton Estates.  That intersection up to Guardsman, the ordinance prohibits people from parking in that area. So, it’s really from the gate on the Wasatch County side, from that gate up to the top of Guardsman Pass.”

Rigby says a couple of years ago, a man died after driving down the embankment while on his way to work in Summit County. 

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“People that are continuing to park in that area…yes...they’re being cited and they’re being towed. It’s an unsafe area.  We’ve had a lot of accidents in there.  We’ve had one person go off the edge.  It’s a narrow mountain road. We are wanting for safety reasons to not allow parking on that stretch of the guardsman pass road.”

Wasatch County has installed signage but Rigby says he’s not sure they are still standing.

“I don’t know if today or last week, it’s still standing.  I’ve been told, not by the officers but by others, it’s been torn down and put up and then torn down again. And that’s just something we just end up dealing with over time. It’s kind of something common that happens.  People don’t like the signs so they take them down. But yes, we have put up siagns and whether people have taken them down recently, I’m not sure.”

Rigby says sometimes people shoot up the signs, take the bolts off or tear out the posts.  He says he knows that a handful of vehicles have been towed in the past week. He says they are doing it for safety reasons.

“We don’t want anyone to be hurt or killed with that steep area going off the edge or with any other accident to occur.  For someone to crash into a parked car cause it’s so narrow and you can’t get two vehicles through.”

Rigby says with all the people visiting the Bonanza Flat area for special events or busy weekends, it is important to abide by the parking regulations.  They will continue to patrol and tow vehicles as needed.