Vote Tallies For Summit County School Races

Nov 4, 2020

Credit Park City School District

In Summit County, the voting results so far for local School Board races show the chairman of the Park City School Board easily fending off a write-in challenge; and a fairly narrow race for a seat on the South Summit School Board.    

The vote totals were issued Tuesday night by the County Clerk’s Office, where staffers are now under quarantine.   They counted some 18,000 ballots, received through last Friday.

Park City School Board Chairman Andrew Caplan didn’t have an official opponent, but Thomas Cooke, who’s known as a Snyderville Planning Commisisoner, filed as a write-in in September.

Caplan has garnered 1314 votes for District #2.    The total for Cooke or any other write-ins, was 738.

Elsewhere for the Park City Board, there were no opponents for current members Anne Peters, in District #1, and Wendy Davis Crossland for District #3.

The closest race in the county, so far, is for South Summit School Board District #1.   Wendy Radke is leading with 251 votes.   Opponent Wade Woolstenhulme has 212 votes.

In other South Summit School contests, for District 3, Lynda Whitmore has a substantial lead with 282 votes, over Dustin Hatch with 152 votes.

And for District #2, an incumbent on the Board, Dan Eckert, has 320 votes.   Challenger David Darcey has 240 votes.

The North Summit School District only had one competive race on the ballot.    Clark Staley, with 178 votes, leads Shane Robertson with 142 votes.

Two current Board members had no opposition on the ballot.   They were Susan Richins in District #1 and Waylon Bond in District 2.