Wasatch County Election Results

Nov 6, 2018

A line of about 30 voters waiting at the Wasatch County building to vote on Election Day

UPDATE: 11:30 PM

In Wasatch County residents voted on a $10 million Open Space Bond. As of this report 57%  voted in favor of the bond while 42% voted against.          

Wasatch County is also voting on Proposition 10 which would confirm or overturn the Wasatch County Council’s boundary change of the Southern and Central planning areas.  37%  voted to uphold the council’s decision while 62% voted to overturn the council’s decision.

Residents of Midway had their own Open Space bond to vote on. 54% voted in favor of the bond with 45% voting against.

In Wasatch County Republican Jeff Wade defeated Democrat Mike Dorsey for the Wasatch County Council East Seat.

Republican Incumbent Brent Titcomb defeated Democrat Challenger Jennifer Lee for the Wasatch County Clerk-Auditor.

Republican Marilyn Crittenden defeated write-in challenger Nick Lopez.

Republican Incumbent Scott Sweat defeated write-in challenger Kit Kosakowski.

Several candidates in Wasatch County ran unopposed. Republican Danny Goode was re-elected to the county council Heber North seat. Republican Jared Rigby was elected as County Sheriff. On the school board of education Cory Holmes was elected to the Heber North seat while Tyler Bluth was elected to the Heber South seat.