Wasatch High Teacher Wins Year-Long Car Lease

Aug 23, 2018

Wasatch High School English teacher Becca Wilhite finding out she won a year lease on car at a Wasatch School District meeting.

Many teachers drove to their first day of school in the same car year after year, but one lucky Wasatch District teacher drove in to the first day in a brand-new car.

Wasatch High School English Teacher Becca Wilhite won a year lease on a car during a district wide teacher training. The district invited the educators of the year from each of the schools in the district onto the stage. Wilhite explains what happened next.

“He said nobody knows we’re doing this and then he had them raise up the curtain and there’s a car sitting on the stage and it’s brand new.” Wilhite explained, “Then he passed around a basket and each of us picked a ticket out of the basket. We went down the list and said ‘go see if that’s you’”

Wilhite says when she won she was shocked.

“Then I went up and my ticked was the winner. So, I kind of celebrated, it was so exciting. I never feel like I’m a person who wins things, but I’m not allowed to say that anymore. I am now a person who wins things!” Wilhite continued, “So, I drove home in a brand-new car, I’ve never had a new car before. I’ve never even driven a new car before and it’s really nice.”

The car was donated by Labrum Chevrolet, Buick and Ford of Heber City. They plan to give a lease each year to a Wasatch District teacher chosen from those nominated by the school. The dealership has also given away cars to Wasatch High Students for the past seven years. Danny Labrum says they started the Cool Teachers Care program to reward teachers.

“It’s just a way to give back to the teachers, for what they do for our kids.” Labrum said, “I just think we reward the kids but do we reward the educators? That’s kind of why I decided to do that.”

Wilhite says she’s excited to drive the car around town.

“I feel overwhelmed by the generosity and as I drive around this town.” Wilhite said, “I want to thank Danny for being so generous to our community and particularly to our high school.”