Website For Heber Airport Master Plan Process Takes Off

Nov 26, 2019

Home screen of the new the new website part of Heber City's update to their airport master plan
Credit Heber Valley Flight Path .com

As part of Heber City’s efforts to update the airport master plan, the city has launched a new website to inform the public of the process.

Heber City announced the website Tuesday afternoon. Heber Valley Flight will be the hub for efforts to update the airport’s master plan.  


The city describes the airport master plan as a comprehensive study featuring the airport’s short, medium and long-term plans for the next 20 years. An up-to-date master plan is also strongly encouraged by the Federal Aviation Administration, with failure to do so possibly resulting in the loss of federal funds to maintain the airport. 


The plan will address the future of Heber’s airport, including potential upgrades required by federal safety standards. 


The website contains information about the master plan updating process, which will take 18 months to two years to complete and begins in January. The city says there are three main phases to the plan: inventory and forecasting, developing and selecting the preferred plan and finalizing the preferred alternative.  


The process is led by city officials and two advisory committees and will also include opportunities for public involvement. The first public meeting related to the airport master planning process will take place sometime in January. 


The website also has an events calendar, a documents page, answers to frequently asked questions and more information, which will be updated throughout the process.  

Earlier in November the city released an information video to promote the master plan update. 


The update will cost an estimated $580,000, with the FAA funding 90% of the project and the state of Utah funding about five percent. Heber City will fund the remaining five percent at an estimated cost of $27,781.