Wednesday's Wasatch County Council Meeting: Wells, Watersheds, and Coronavirus

Jun 30, 2020

Wasatch County Council meets Wednesday afternoon at 3 p.m. to discuss the coronavirus, wells, and watershed plans.


The council will begin its meeting by receiving an update from the county health department on COVID-19. According to the department, Wasatch County has had 408 cases of the disease, of those cases 72 are active, 333 are recovered and three have passed away. The health department is distributing print materials and posters throughout the county encouraging residents to wear masks, practice social distancing and stay home when sick. 


The council will also discuss a proposal that would change some restrictions on wells in the county. 


Current Wasatch County code does not allow for a well to be placed on a lot that is less than five acres. A proposed amendment would allow a property of four acres or larger to use a well for culinary water. The code change would most directly impact properties located on the northwest side of the valley along River Road and west of the Provo River. 


The property owner requesting the change says it is cost-prohibitive to build and connect to the public water system at his location near River Road. The rule change could possibly result in more rural development in the unincorporated county. County staff has determined the change is not in line with the current general plan. The council can amend the general plan once a year in November, unless an expedited process is necessary. 


The council will also consider adopting a watershed inventory plan for the county in an effort to maintain water quality in the county and for downstream users. Additionally, they will consider approving a bid for consulting work to update transportation goals and policies in the county’s general plan.  The consultant is paid for by a grant from the Utah Department of Transportation with a portion paid by the Mountainlands Association of Governments.