Wyatt Pike's Fate On 'American Idol' Now In The Hands Of The Viewers

Apr 5, 2021

Following last week's Showstopper round, 'American Idol' continues with the All Star Duet and Solo round
Credit ABC/Eric McCandless

20-year-old Wyatt Pike’s skills were put to the test during his performance on American Idol Sunday, leaving voting to America for the first time this season.

This week is the first time viewers are able to vote for their favorite competitors on the singing competition. The top 24 contestants were split up between two nights and paired up with a celebrity for a duet. 

Wyatt Pike, who’s from Park City, performed during the first night. He was paired with folk musician Ben Rector. The pair sang Rector’s song “Brand New,” which was on the Billboard Hot 100. 

Pike’s signature look during the show so far has been a hat, flannel and his guitar. This time when he stepped on the stage, he changed up his look and performed without his signature instrument. 

Even though he took a different approach, he wowed the judges, including pop star Katy Perry. 

"Wyatt it looks like you rolled out of bed," Perry said. "Instead of getting slick and polished, you took all that time and practiced and rehearsed and stepped into your stardom. You're an authentic superstar musician. You could go on tour today and fit in right now."

Pike will find out if he made it to the top 16 next week. If he makes it through, he’ll have the opportunity to sing live during the show for the first time.  

American Idol airs Sundays and Mondays at 8/7c.