Cada Domingo

Sunday, 7-10 PM

Cada Domingo, "Every Sunday", is KPCW's weekly Spanish-language program, offering three hours of national, international and local news, music and interviews of importance for the area's Spanish speaking community.

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Cada Domingo, es el programa semanal en Español de KPCW, cual ofrece tres horas de noticias nacionales, internacionales y locales, musica y entrevistas de interés para la comunidad hablahispana del area.

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Ways to Connect

Cada Domingo - Laila Villanueva

11 hours ago

Laila Villanueva 
Executive Director 
Artes de Mexico en Utah 

We introduced Laila Villanueva, the new Executive Director with AMU, the organization's mission and we will discuss the programs and services that this organization offers such as the podcast "Nuevas Voces" podcast, the art exhibitions, the Sor Juana Prize for prose and poems in Spanish, and much more!

Eddie Juarez & Esmirna Campos with Musical guests Togwi & Poetic Ryder

We chat with artists Togwi and Poetic Ryder about Mexican Rap, its history, themes of pride in community, and identity. We also discuss the effects and response to discrimination, and how it affects the perceptions by law enforcement and potential employers, central themes of the video Somos de Barrio. With over a million views, Somos de Barrio hits with its message of pride in one's own neighborhood, discrimination, and anti-corruption.

Cada Domingo Guest - Jobana Gurtz

Aug 11, 2019

We discussed the school district's ongoing GED program in Spanish for the Latino members of our community. The program focuses in four areas: Math, Science, Social Studies and Language Arts.
Language Arts - Covers reading comprehension, grammar, spelling, and writing an essays.
Social Studies - USA and world history,  geography
Science - Cells, evolution, the human body
Math - Fraction, algebra etc

Cada Domingo - Rainer Huck

Aug 4, 2019

  Salt Lake Mayor Candidate Rainer Huck 

Cada Domingo - Katee McChesney And Michelle McDonald

Jul 28, 2019

  Katee McChesney And Michelle McDonald 

Summit County Fair Coordinators

Cada Domingo - Franco Libertini & Enrique Sanchez

Jul 28, 2019

  Franco Libertini and Enrique Sanchez Venegas

Cada Domingo - Linda Jager

Jul 21, 2019

  Linda Jager 
Community Liaison Manager

Cada Domingo - Claudia Benítez

Jul 21, 2019

Claudia Benítez
Responsible for Tourism, Economy, and Culture 

  Consulate of Mexico in Salt Lake City

Cada Domingo - David Garbett

Jul 21, 2019

  David Garbett 
Candidate to the City Hall of Salt Lake City 

Cada Domingo - Tim Loveday & Bryce Boyer

Jul 21, 2019

  Tim Loveday 
Summit County Solid Waste Superintendent
Bryce Boyer
Summit County Fire Warden

Cada Domingo - Veronica Fajardo, Luis Fajardo

Jul 14, 2019

  We visited the recent history of Nicaragua, the contexts as viewed by someone living in that country during the uprising and change of power between the Sandinistas and the revolutionaries. Recently, the country's constitution included planned changes to the country's Social Security system, which led to protests in which 38 people died. We also discussed how these events affect the members of our Nicaraguan community.

Cada Domingo - Ryan Anderson

Jul 14, 2019

We spoke with Ryan Anderson with Utah Clean Energy, a local non-profit that is working to accelerate the transition to renewable energy. Ryan is the Community Coordinator for the Summit Community Power Works (SCPW) Program, which helps community members save money on their utility bills by providing energy efficiency resources and education. The SCPW Program hosts the SCPW Challenge, which is an online tool providing information and resources to residents looking to reduce their carbon footprint. SCPW is also launching a discounted solar program this summer.

Cada Domingo - Bianca Carrazco

Jul 7, 2019

  Bianca Carrazco
Park City Library

We discussed films in Spanish that will be shown in the auditorium in the Park City Library and the Ecker Hill Playing Fields by the Park City Film Series

Jorge Arellano​, Izinfinita​

Nopalera Artist Collective

We discussed the exhibit at the Urban Arts Gallery at the Gateway Mall in Salt Lake city. The Nopalera Artist Collective includes Latinx and Immigrant artists with a focus on activism for causes of social interest for the Latino community

The exhibit is now open, closing event will take place on July 27th from  5pm to 8pm, open to the public