Cada Domingo

Sunday, 7-10 PM

Cada Domingo, "Every Sunday", is KPCW's weekly Spanish-language program, offering three hours of national, international and local news, music and interviews of importance for the area's Spanish speaking community.

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Cada Domingo, es el programa semanal en Español de KPCW, cual ofrece tres horas de noticias nacionales, internacionales y locales, musica y entrevistas de interés para la comunidad hablahispana del area.

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Cada Domingo - Francisco Loza - 03-28-21

Mar 28, 2021

We continue our series about the recently held Binational Journey for artists of Mexican ancestry based in the United States by The Mexican Government organization IME (Institute for Mexicans in the Exterior) where they invited 43 artists representing 36 states in the U.S.

Cada Domingo - Nick Ovalles - 03-28-21

Mar 28, 2021

With a successful opening ceremony last friday, the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art opened its doors to the public for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic shut down back in March of 2020.

Cada Domingo - Bella Dose - 03-21-21

Mar 21, 2021

Bella Dose is the world's first bilingual Latin girl group. All members sing, dance, and write their own songs in English and Spanish.  We spend the hour chatting with groupmembers Melany, Briana, Thais and Jenni and chat about their ambitions, their career, how they came together, and hear some of their songs.

Cada Domingo - Omar Herrera - 03-21-21

Mar 21, 2021

Oscar Herrera, President and Executive Director for the Ponce Project joins us to talk about the organization's aim to promote Latin American composers for classical music in the US and Mexico. We listen to some of the work produced, and spend the hour making connections within the history of music in Mexico and the US, and the importance of diverse musical tastes to help understand other cultures and societies better. 

Cada Domingo - Edwin Espinel -03-21-21

Mar 21, 2021

As COVID vaccines become available to the public for anyone 16 years or older, there are still many questions surrounding the vaccine's safety and effectiveness. Edwin Espinel, Health Systems Specialist with the Utah Department of Health joins us to talk about the vaccine rollout, the importance of continued mask use, and much more.

Cada Domingo - Sandra Itzel - 03-14-21

Mar 14, 2021

Starting with her beginning in acting with roles like Mayrita in the TV Soap "Gata Salvaje"and Alma Duran in "Cielo Rojo", Sandra Itzel has had a standout carrer throughout her life. Now, as a vocalist with the legendary group La Sonora Dinamita, Sandra continues her musical career with one of the musical groups most recongized worldwide. We spend the hour chatting with Sandra about her carreer, her inspirations and we listen to some music.

Cada Domingo - Cónsul José Borjón - 03-14-21

Mar 14, 2021

José Borjón, Cónsul for the Mexican Consulate in Salt Lake City joins us again to talk about the role of the consulate in representing and advocating for the Hispanic and Latino members of our community, and the many responsibilities and programs the consulate offers. One such program is the COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic which takes place Saturday, March 20th from 2pm to 6pm at the Health Window of the Consulate. Call 385-285-2727 to make an appointment. All previously-established quilifications for eligibility are observed. Limited doses available.

Cada Domingo - Lalo Blues 03-07-21

Mar 7, 2021

With a career spanning over 3 decades, Banda Bostik has retained a strong following. Their sound has remained consistent through their career. We spend the hour chatting with Lalo Blues, guitarrist for Banda Bostik talking about the band's history, chat about the changes in the world of music, and hear some of their work. Thanks to Eddie Juarez for facilitating the chat.

Cada Domingo - Olivia Jaramillo 03-07-21

Mar 7, 2021

Olivia Jaramillo, Diversity Specialist and Team Functions Specialist, Military Veteran, and Spokesperson for Hispanic and LGBTQ communities in Utah returns to talk about the current political climate, and about LGBTQ+ representation in politics.

Olivia Jaramillo, Especialista de Diversidad y de Funciones de Equipos, Veterana Militar, y Portavoz para comunidades Hispanohablantes y LGBTQ en Utah regresa al programa para hablar del clima politico hoy en dia, y de la representación LGBTQ+ en la politica.

Cada Domingo - Edwin Luna - 02-28-21

Feb 28, 2021

Nominado para un Latin Grammy en el 2019, Edwin Luna y La Trokalosa de Monterrey han tenido éxito a través de varios años. Pasámos la hora con Edwin Luna, cantante del grupo, quien nos acompaña para hablar de su historia musical, la historia del grupo, y escuchamos algo de su música.

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Cada Domingo - Officer Franco Libertini - 02-28-21

Feb 28, 2021

Officer Franco Libertini with the Park City Police Department joins us to discuss some of the programs that are offered to the public through the PCPD including the course to aid non-english speakers to obtain a drivers license in collaboration with the Summit County Library, the Explorer Cadets program and others, and the importance of addressing the public's opinion of the police in general.

Cada Domingo - Joana Acevedo & Ana Pantoja - 02-28-21

Feb 28, 2021

Mountain Mediation Center continues its series of Community Conversations on March 2nd focusing on Exploring Cultures, Sharing Traditions in their effort to bridge the gap that exists between the many different groups that make up our community.  Joana Acevedo and Ana Pantoja join us to share their insights on previous meetings, and their plans for March 2nd's meeting. The meetings take place via Zoom, March 2nd's meeting staring at 6pm until 7:30pm and will be in both English and Spanish. You must register prior to the event to participate and receive the link

Cada Domingo - Tony Montana - 02-21-21

Feb 21, 2021

After a years-long hiatus, Tony Monana returns to the world of Urban music in Spanish. We spend the hour with Tony talking about his experiences, his career, and hear some of his music. Thanks to Eddie Juarez for organizing this interview

Después de haberse retirado por varios años, Tony Montana regresa al mundo de música Urbana en Español. Pasámos la hora con Tony hablando de sus experiencias, su carrera, y escuchámos algo de su música. Gracias a Eddie Juarez por organizar esta entrevista

Cada Domingo - Senator Luz Escamilla - 02-21-21

Feb 21, 2021

Senator Luz Escamilla returns to discuss the many events that have had a negative effect on the minority members of our community including the pandemic, slowing job market, economic hardships, and the challenges of providing solutions to these many troubles.  

La Senadora Luz Escamilla regresa para discutir los muchos eventos que han tenido un efecto negativo para los miembros minoría de nuestra comunidad incluyendo la pandemia, la lenta economía, dificultades economicas, y los retos de proveer soluciones a estos muchos problemas. 

Cada Domingo - Edwin Espinel - 02-21-21

Feb 21, 2021

More than a year after the emergence of the COVID-19 virus, there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel, says Edwin Espinel, Health System Specialist with the Utah Department of Health. Edwin joins us to talk about the rollout of vaccinations in Utah, the implementation of policies, what can be expected once the vaccine is received, we talk about the many effects of the pandemic has had on the most vulnerable, and about the work that lies ahead.