Cada Domingo

Sunday, 7-10 PM

Cada Domingo, "Every Sunday", is KPCW's weekly Spanish-language program, offering three hours of national, international and local news, music and interviews of importance for the area's Spanish speaking community.

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Cada Domingo, es el programa semanal en Español de KPCW, cual ofrece tres horas de noticias nacionales, internacionales y locales, musica y entrevistas de interés para la comunidad hablahispana del area.

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This program sponsored by:  Connect Summit County

Ways to Connect

We speak with Dr. Wendy Hobson-Rohrer, the Executive Medical Director of the South Main Clinic at the University of Utah. We also speak with Esperanza Arias, Promoter for Holy Cross Ministries. We discuss the organizations' history, the services available to the communities, their areas of focus, their roles in providing aid to the undocumented and refugee population. We discuss the services in women's health, family medicine, pediatrics, teen mother-child, and other programs offered.

Fanny Guadalupe Bauer is the Executive Director of the organization Artes de México en Utah. She joins the show to discuss the Sor Juana Prize competition, the call for artists for the organization, and the effect this competition has had on the Hispanic community of Utah.

Cada Domingo is joined by Nic Contreras, judge for the Artes de México en Utah Sor Juana Prize for Poetry and Short Stories. We discuss the importance of writing as an art form. We listen to some verses from his favorite works in Spanish, and discuss them. We also discuss the importance of having multicultural representation in media and art

Alejandra Lara del National Ability Center (Centro de Habilidad Nacional) Hablamos del papel que toma el NAC para la comunidad, los programas que ofrecen, y de la necesidad de voluntarios hispanos para estos programas. 

We talk about the role the NAC has for the community, the programs they offer, and the need for hispanic volunteers for their programs.



Gloria Gonzalez Cook, Genealogical Society of Hispanic America. We talk about the organization, the local chapter's history, her personal history, some interesting stories, and the importance of knowing one's geneaology and history. 

Hablamos de la organización, la historia de el capítulo local, su historia personal, de algunas historias interesantes, y la importancia de conocer a nuestra geneaologia e historia. 





Cada Domingo speaks with Officer Franco Libertini of the Park City Police Department about the Department's Facebook page in Spanish, the PC Residents Police Academy for Latinos, and much more!

Cada Domingo habla con Franco Libertini, Oficial con el departamento de policía de Park City. Hablamos de la pagina de Facebook en español del departamento, de la academia de policía para el pueblo latino de Park City,  y mucho más.  

Claudia Borjas, Arts Education Program Assistant for the Utah Division of Arts & Museums. discussed the organization's history, mission, and available resources to the public thanks to state-allocated funds for the study and promotion of folk art & culture.

Cada Domingo is joined by Natasha Wong, Racially Just Utah,  We discuss the organization, its role in the state, the area of focus, how the public is affected by state legislature, and what can be done. For those interested in volunteering or internship positions:

  Cada Domingo speaks with artist Ruby Chacon about her new projects, her Utah roots, and the inspiration for her art. Hablamos con artista Ruby Chacon. Hablamos de sus nuevos proyectos, de sus raíces en el estado de Utah, y de la inspiración de su arte.   

Eddie Juarez and Esmirna Campos, publicists and promoters of rap music in Salt Lake City. We speak about the history of rap music and how it has become a worldwide phenomenon.  Cada Domingo habla con Eddie Juarez y Esmirna Campos, publicistas y promotores de rap en Salt Lake City.  Hablamos de la historia del rap, como se ha convertido en un fenómeno mundial, y mucho más.

Dalia Gonzalez, Community Educator & Teen Council Facilitator, Planned Parenthood of Utah joins Cada Domingo, speaking on behalf of the Park City Film Series free presentation of Coco at Aspen Villas on Saturday, July 14th at dusk (around 9 pm).  

Dalia Gonzalez, Planned parenthood de Park City, habla desde parte Para Park City Film Series. Hablamos de la presentación de la película “Coco” en Aspen Villas el sábado 14 de Julio al bajar el sol. Gratis y abierto al público!



Hayley Holland, Director, Promise Advocates of Park City.  Hayley talks about an app designed to help families understand the services available to the Latino community. 

Hayely Holland, Directora de Asociación, Promise Advocates of Park City habla del app para ayudar a familias entender los servicios disponibles incluyendo servicios preescolares a las comunidades latinas.   

Cada Domingo welcomes Veronica Fajardo. Fajardo is a Park City resident who has family in Nicaragua. We speak about the sociopolitical situation in Nicaragua, the historical events that have lead to the current human rights issues and the governmental response to anti-government demonstrations including the disappearance of youth, martial law, and firing on demonstrators by government forces. 

Hablamos con Cristóbal Villegas, activista, organizador de la comunidad, secretario para el partido Democrats del estado de Utah. Hablamos del evento para pedir que el gobierno deje de separar y encarcelar a familias cruzando la frontera.

Cada Domingo habla con Jorge Rojas, Director de Educación con el Utah Museum of Fine Arts en la Universidad de Utah. Hablamos de la exhibición ACME, del Epicenter: Our Futures, la serie de películas gratuitas UFCM-Utah Film Center Monthly, el sábado para la familia, y muchos otros programas del UMFA.