Cada Domingo

Sunday, 7-10 PM

Cada Domingo, "Every Sunday", is KPCW's weekly Spanish-language program, offering three hours of national, international and local news, music and interviews of importance for the area's Spanish speaking community.

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Cada Domingo, es el programa semanal en Español de KPCW, cual ofrece tres horas de noticias nacionales, internacionales y locales, musica y entrevistas de interés para la comunidad hablahispana del area.

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Cada Domingo - Ivan Orellana - 01-03-2021

Jan 3, 2021

Ivan Orellana, singer/songwriter who participated in the 2019 Binational Conference for Mexican Artists in the United States joins us once again to talk about his launch of his YouTube channel, his carreer during the pandemic, and we hear his latest release. 

Ivan Orellana, Cantautor quien participó en la Jornada Binacionad de Artistas Mexicanos en Estados Unidos 2019 nos acompaña de nuevo para hablar del lanzamiento de su canal YouTube, su carrera durante la pandemia, y escuchamos su nueva canción.

Cada Domingo - Omar de León - La Castañeda - 12-20-20

Dec 20, 2020

The musical group La Castañeda has had a decades-long career and has a unique aesthetic. Omár de León joins us to talk about the history of the group, some of the challenges that they have faced, the changes they've overcome including the different mediums of recording starting with vinyl to digital recording of today. We also listen to some of their music. Thank you to Eddie Juarez for organizing the interview.

Cada Domingo - Brandy Farmer

Dec 20, 2020

The Ohtli Recognition is the highest honor that the government of Mexico can give to an individual who has dedicated the majority of their life and professional activity to "open a path" outside the country so that younger generations who follow can find a relatively easier way forward.

Cada Domingo - Tiro Loko - 12-13-20

Dec 13, 2020

Tiro Loko is an up and coming talent in the world of Mexican rap. An alumni of former Cada Domingo guest Dharius, Tiro Loko strives to create work with his unique style. The rap artist joins us to talk about his career, from his beginnings in MMA fighting, to touring the country, producing music videos, and starring in the horror Short LOKO, directed by Dharius.

Cada Domingo - Fanny Guadalupe Blauer 12-13-20

Dec 13, 2020

The 2nd Binational Conference for Mexican Artists in the United States took place Thursday December 10 2020 and Friday December 11, 2020 virtually this year, one year after the first Binational Conference in December of 2019. Fanny Guadalupe Blauer, Executive Director for Artes de México en Utah participated in one of the panel discussions where she addressed the importance of representation, inclusivity, and the cultural heritage of Mexicans in the US.

Cada Domingo - Lirio Sanchez - 12-13-20

Dec 13, 2020

As the expiration date for the  moratorium on housing evictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic looms near, Mountain Mediation Services holds a virtual Landlord/Tenant Information Session in Spanish. Lirio Sanchez, Community Outreach Coordinator for Mountain Mediation Services joins us to talk about the event on Thursday, December 17th at 4:00pm to discuss the options and resources available to individuals who are at risk of losing their housing. The event airs via Zoom and Facebook Live. 

Cada Domingo - Omar Sainz, Nunca Jamas - 12-06-20

Dec 6, 2020

There are many genre fusions within Rock, but Nunca Jamas, with their Agricultural Rock have created a unique sound and style. Bandmember Omar Sainz joins us to discuss his group's unique blend of Sonoran Regional music, Rock, and classic Norteña music, tells us about the history of the group, their challenges during the pandemic and beyond, and we listen to some of their music.

It has been nearly a year since the Binational Conference for Mexican Artists in the United States organized by the Mexican Institute of External Relations (IME). This year, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the event will be virtual and open to the public to participate.

There are now many services available to the Latinx members of our community to support people suffering through mental and emotional health issues in the Summit and Wasatch Counties. Yasmith Durath from CONNECT Summit County and Carla Astorga from Latino Behavioral Health Services join us to talk about the services available, the qualifications of the individuals providing support, and the many organizations providing aid.

Cada Domingo Dharius

Nov 30, 2020

Mexican Rap artist Dharius has had a career that has spanned over 24 years. Recently, he entered the world of cinema as a producer for the film LOKO, which has won Best Horror Film at the Florence Film Festival in Italy, and is being recognized at the International Film Festival at Monterrey, Mexico. We spend the hour chatting with the artist about his experience, his work, and the transition to film, and listen to some of his music. Thank you to Eddie Juarez for arranging the interview.

We continue the conversation around mental and emotional health. Javier Alegre, Executive Director for Latino Behavioral Health Services and Elisha Betancourt, Licensed Clinical Social Worker with Safe Utah jon us to talk about some of the challenges and risk-factors different members of our community face, as well as the types of resources available to them online, by phone, and to a limited extent, in-person.

Cada Domingo - Toño Lirán Liran' Roll - 11-22-20

Nov 29, 2020

Due to technical issues we were not able to devote the time we wanted to the last time we chatted with Toño Lirán from Liran' Roll, a Mexican rock band with a carreer spanning over 25 years. We invite Toño back on the show to resume the chat, we discuss the band's history, their collaborations with other leaders of the genre, and we hear some of their classic tracks. 

Cada Domingo - Olivia Jaramillo 11-22-20

Nov 29, 2020

Olivia Jaramillo was born and reared in México. She migrated to the US at age 14 and graduated high school in Texas, and started hher military service after graduationg where she served in the Us Air Force.  She was part of the campaign against Terror in Iraq, participated in humanitarian missions in the continent of Africa and was based in Europe for over 7 years. As a civilian, Olivia has shared her story to bring aid to the members of the community with which she identifies , such as immigrant, veteran, Latinx, and as a trans woman and LGBTQ+ member.

The year 2020 has been very difficult for the overwhelming majority of people in many ways, and it is quite common that individuals may see the need of getting emotional assistance during this time.
Carla Astorga with Latino Behavioral Health Services joins us to talk about the importance of caring for one's mental and emotional health, and the services available to Summit and Wasatch counties.

Carla Astorga
Certified Peer Support Specialist
Support Group Facilitator
Mentor "Persona a Persona" Course NAMI Utah
QPR Trainer
Case Management

Cada Domingo - Angie G

Nov 15, 2020

In his quest to bring new talent, Eddie Juarez invites Angie G, a local Rap/Trap/Hip-Hop artist to the show. We spend the hour talking about her career, and the experiences that have contributed to her work, we sample some of her songs,and we address some of the challenges of launching a musical career in the midst of a worldwide pandemic. Thank you to Eddie Juarez for facilitating the interview.