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From the discovery of new dinosaurs to the science of an avalanche.

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 Cool Science Radio speaks with Gemma Tarlach, Senior Editor of Discover Magazine. Gemma joined the show last year to talk about Discover’s September/October cover story on The Science of Gun Violence. It was an eye-opening conversation that you can listen to here.

The Joy of Movement is Dr. Kelly McGonigal's new book; it's a 'love letter' to movement and exploration of what is most human about us. Through her trademark blend of science and storytelling, McGonigal draws on insights from neuroscience, psychology, anthropology, and evolutionary biology, to clear up some common misconceptions about the brain on exercise.

Michael Ruzek joins Cool Science Radio. Ruzek is the man behind The Powder Buoy. Financial planner by day and Powder Buoy by night, Michael predicts snow storms in the Wasatch Mountains two weeks in advance by watching NOAA Buoy 51101 off the coast of Kauai. Michael has figured out that when 51101 hits a certain swell height a winter’s storm will hit two weeks later 3000 miles away in Park City, Utah.



  Science journalist Lydia Denworth joins Cool Science Radio. Denworth has investigated and written on everything from Alzheimer’s to zebrafish. She now writes on the science of friendship in a new book that explores the evolution, biology and extraordinary power of life’s fundamental bond. Her work is supported by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

Joining Cool Science Radio is Dr. Michael Selsted, Chief Science Officer for Oryn Therapeutics. Oryn Therapeutics has products in pre-clinical testing that could have a profound impact on the treatment of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases and life-threatening, drug-resistant infections. 

  Cool Science Radio welcomes author Gabriel Brownstein, the author of the new book, The Open Heart Club: The Story about Birth and Death and Cardiac SurgeryBorn in 1966 with a congenital heart defect known as the tetralogy of Fallot, Gabriel Brownstein entered the world just as doctors were learning to operate on conditions like his.

Cool Science Radio welcomes Mike Davies, Director of Intel’s Neuromorphic Computing Lab. Neuromorphic computing emulates the neural structure and operation of the human brain. This type of artificial intelligence will be needed for applications where interpretation and stand alone adaptation is required. 


  Cool Science Radio speaks with someone who will turn you on to math and algorithms like you never thought possible -- Hannah Fry. She’s a mathematician, an author, a presenter, podcaster, TV personality, and public speaker. Her TED Talk The Mathematics of Love, has over five million views.

  Cool Science Radio welcomes Dr. Jeffrey Rosenbluth, the Medical Director of the Spinal Cord Injury Acute Rehabilitation program at the University of Utah Health Sciences Center and founder of The Tetradapt Initiative which began over 10 years ago when Rosenbluth dreamed of a better and more aspirational way to deliver the latest technology for adaptive sports and recreation to people living with spinal cord injuries or disease.

Cool Science Radio welcomes Pete Zaccagnino who is an aeronautical engineer and runs High Performance Aircraft Racing in Park City. Pete has flown over 22,000 hours in over 260 aircraft types and flight tested over 670 aircraft. His latest endeavors include aviation filming and production for Discovery Channel and the Smithsonian Channel. 



Susi Snyder joins Cool Science Radio. Susi is the President of the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize-winning International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons. Susi is an expert on nuclear weapons, with over two decades' experience working at the intersection between nuclear weapons and human rights. She is a 2016 Nuclear Free Future Award laureate. Previously, she served as the secretary general of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) at its Geneva secretariat.

Manfred Krischke, Co-Founder and CEO of Cloudeo joins Cool Science Radio. Cloudeo is an online portal for companies that create, interpret, and use geodata. With the vast amount of geodata available there are countless applications that interpret this data.

Cool Science Radio welcomes guest Andrew Robinson who has written more than twenty-five books on an unusual range of subjects within the realm of science and the history of science. They include seven biographies, some about what we are guessing is his favorite topic: the physicist Albert Einstein.

Cool Science Radio welcomes New Yorker staff writer Andrew Marantz who spent the last three years going into the worlds - even sometimes the homes — of online extremists, propagandists, internet trolls, and white supremacists who have become experts at using social media to advance their agenda.