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Cool Science Radio's Interview with Radha Agrawal who has written Belong...find your people, create community and live a more connected life. The great paradox of the digital age is this: the internet connects us to millions of people, yet we feel more isolated than ever, 1 in 4 Americans says that they have zero friends to confide in. This is our conversation with Radha who has extensively field tested her ideas on how to build community with people you can connect with.

 Neuroscientist Dr. Dean Burnett joins the show to talk about the science behind what makes us happy. The implicit drive to find happiness is behind almost everything we do - whether it’s finding a job, falling in love, starting a family, or watching television. Burnett explores this science in an accessible, compelling, and entertaining manner in his book, Happy Brain: Where Happiness Comes From, and Why.


John and Lynn speak with Paul Corson, Director of Entrepreneurship at the University of Utah’s TVC (Technology and Venture Commercialization). The University of Utah’s Center for Technology & Venture Commercialization helps bring inventions to market -  they help turn ideas into more than just ideas. The Center does a lot of matchmaking—connecting executives to companies to help run them, connecting inventions with licensees, connecting companies to funding.

Cool Science Radio and Intermountain Park City Hospital join forces for day #4 of the KPCW Summer Pledge Drive. Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Taylor Hanton and Communications specialist Jenny Jones join the show to talk about the hospital's  level of service including a Tele NICU (newborn intensive care unit). Guest co-host Tim Henney joins Lynn Ware Peek to ask for your support of KPCW.

Cool Science Radio - August 16, 2018

Aug 16, 2018

Dr. James Stray-Gunderson who is the developer and co-founder of the (B)Strong BFR Training System. BFR stands for blood flow restriction. Dr. Stray Gunderson states that BFR training is an exercise technique that manipulates the body circulatory system and when combined with exercise produces rapid gains in strength and fitness using light loads and in a very short period of time. We will talk with Dr. Stray-Gunderson about the technique and the science behind these claims.

Nick Chater is the professor of behavioral science at the Warwick Business School. He argues in his new book The Mind is Flat: The Remarkable Shallowness of the Improvising Brain, that our brain is not governed by the unconscious mind or by mysterious depths, but instead it improvises the present based on the experiences of the past.  So, if this is true, he also argues that we can build a new present based on what we have accumulated from our past. Pretty simple?  Tune in to listen to this engaging dialogue. 



Jen Schwartz, the senior editor for Scientific American, joins Cool Science Radio. She speaks about an article she wrote in the August edition of the magazine called Surrendering to the Rising Seas. Coastal communities struggling to adapt to climate change are beginning to do what was once unthinkable: retreat. This paints the picture of the inevitability of the rising seas.

The Sun is not silent. The low, pulsing hum of our star's heartbeat allows scientists to peer inside, revealing huge rivers of solar material flowing. NASA heliophysicist Alex Young explains how this simple sound connects us with the Sun and all the other stars in the universe. Listen in on the Sun in this three minute audio clip.

Dr. Bonnie Meinke joins Cool Science Radio. Dr. Meinke is the James Webb Deputy Project Scientist for the Space Telescope Science Institute and the Educational Officer for the American Astronomical Society. Dr. Meinke gives her insight into last week's announcement of a lake of water discovered on Mars, which is the closest it has been to the Earth in 15 years.  She also talks about the churning clouds on Saturn. 

Cool Science Radio is joined by Dr. Angela Trego who is on the board of directors for the Leonardo Museum in Salt Lake. We speak with Dr. Trego about the Woman/Women exhibit celebrating women empowering every woman. We speak with her about the exhibit, what visitors can expect when they walk thru and how the exhibit may evolve over time.