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Hosts Chris Cherniak and Nell Larson
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This Green Earth is a weekly, hour-long program that focuses on the environment and environmentalism. Co-hosts Christopher Cherniak and Nell Larson explore the science, politics, economics and ethics behind the environment, natural resources, and sustainability.

The program includes interviews with local and national experts in the fields of water resources, air quality, environmental policy, fossil and renewable fuels, climate, conservation, ecosystems, agriculture, aquaculture, and sustainability.

TGE has interviewed a number of individuals from different environmental fields including: writers Andrew Revkin, Terry Tempest Williams, Craig Childs, Richard Louv and Paul Erlich; politicians like the Mayors of Park City and Salt Lake City; policy analysts from the Natural Resources Defense Council and the Environmental Defense Fund; scientists and researchers from the Monterey Bay Aquarium to the National Weather Service; and, local sustainable business owners from Copper Moose Farm, Main Street Olive Oil Company, Whole Foods Market, and Fairweather Natural Foods.

Christopher Cherniak is an environmental engineer with nearly 30 years experience as an environmental consultant. Nell Larson is an environmental scientist, educator, and a graduate of the Yale School of Forestry. Together, they direct This Green Earth's mission: to educate listeners about the importance of environmental preservation, conservation, and stewardship.

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What People are Saying About This Green Earth

"This Green Earth offers an in-depth analysis of current environmental issues that affect our local and global community.  The conversations between the hosts and their guests is enlightening and challenging, but at the same time has a light touch that makes the issues accessible to a wide listening audience.  An invaluable resource for our community." Katy Wang, Executive Director of Park City Film

"This Green Earth does an excellent job recruiting knowledgeable and interesting guests.  As someone who's been involved in the "green" sector for many years, I'm consistently impressed with the ability of Katie and Nell to introduce me to something new!"  Tyler Paulsen, former Sustainability Office, Park City Municipal

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Ways to Connect

In this epsiode of This Green Earth Chris and Nell talk with Dr.

Natural Gas Flaring

In this episode of  This Green Earth it's all about the greenhouse gases:  methane and carbon dioxide.  Last week, a Wyoming District Judge struck down a rule regulating the practice of venting and flaring methane natural gas from oil and natural gas extraction systems. The decision now allows the fossil fuel industry to emit methane, unmonitored and unregulated, into the earth’s atmosphere.   Jason O'Neil with the non-profit Accountable U.S. talks more about this decision. 

In this episode of This Green Earth Chris and Nell are joined by Dr. Jeff Masters, an expert in tropical weather, provides an update on the record breaking hurricane season in the Atlantic Basin.


On this episode of  This Green Earth, Utah local bee keeper Doug Fryer talks about how honey bees fared this past summer.  It was one of the warmest and driest summers on record and since water is critical to the health of the bees and the hive he looks into it's long term effects.  He'll also talk about what bees are doing now to prepare for winter and the fascinating acts behind "robber bees". 

In this epsisode of This Green Earth Chris and Nell are joined by Ken Rait the Project Director for U.S. Public Lands and Rivers Conservation with the Pew Charitable Trusts. Ken leads work to conserve western lands, including collaborating with local partners and the Bureau of Land Management to balance conservation and development. 

In this episode of This Green Earth science journalist, Emily Anthes talks about her book:  The Great Indoors  The Surprising Science of How Buildings Shape Our Behavior, Health and Happiness.  We spend 90 percent of our time inside so how do these spaces affect our mental and physical well-being? Our thoughts, feelings, productivity and relationships?  


In this episode of This Green Earth Lora Smith from Mountain Trails Foundation talks about the upcoming RAP Tax Proposition that will be voted on in November.  She'll describe what the vote is about and how RAP-related taxes benefit our environment.

In this episode of This Green Earth Noah Miterko a representative from HEAL Utah talks about the upcoming Utah Public Service Commission hearing. This hearing will consider Rocky Mountain Powers request to decrease the rooftop solar export credit by 84%.  According to HEAL Utah that rate is so low that it would essentially destroy the rooftop solar market - and industry - overnight.

Chris and Nell have a discussion with Megan Ellis, Park City High School senior and Earth Club co-president on that group's recent presentation to the School Board regarding a Clean Energy Initiative.   On this episode of This Green Earth.

On this episode of This Green Earth Walt Meier of the National Snow and Ice Data Center joins the show. He talks with Chris and Nell about the record amount of sea ice that has melted this past summer up in the Arctic Ocean, how close open water is to the North Pole and, the role climate change is playing in that annual event.     

On this episode of This Green Earth  host Chris Cherniak heats things up talking about fire and ice. The west coast fires are consuming record amounts of land, property and lives in California and Oregon, while Arctic Sea Ice is at it's near-record minimum this week.  Sean Sublette with the research group Climate Central will explain how current weather conditions are "fueling" fires up and down the coast and how longer-term climate change is influencing the size, intensity and duration of the fire season. 

In this episode of This Green Earth, meteorologist Dr. Jeff Masters, a regular blog and features contributor to Yale Climate Connections, talks tropical storms. Dr. Masters co-founded Waether Underground in 1995 while working on his Ph.D. in air pollution meteorology at the University of Michigan .

In this episode of This Green Earth Chris Cherniack and guest cohost Carolyn Wawra speak with owner Jeff Jewett. He is the owner of Spring Back Utah Matress Recycling Company. A company that takes apart mattresses and boxsprings and re-cycles the metal, plastic and fabric removed, thereby reducing the amount of mattresses and boxsprings typically disposed of in landfills.  

Milky Way Over East Canyon State Park
Andrew Andreasen

On this episode of This Green Earth Chris Haramoto joins the show to talk about about East Canyon State Park's award of the International Dark Sky Park designation. This classification means that East Canyon State Park has beautifully dark night skies that allow visitors to clearly view the Milky Way and other celestial objects.In order to be designated a Dark Sky Park, Haramoto and park staff, interns, and volunteers, had to meet the stringent programming, monitoring and infrastructure requirements set forth by the