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On today's Local News Hour:

( 02:08) Mountain Trails Report with Lora Smith.

( 6:20) The Salt Lake City-Utah Olympic Games Committee announced is expanding its board as it focuses on a bid to bring back the Games in 2030 or 2034 as Michelle Deininger reports. 

( 08:20)  US Bobsled and Skeleton Team Foundation CEO Aron McGuire talks about an event at the Utah Olympic Park next Wednesday June 16th.

( 17:45) Rick Brough with a Summit County council recap from Wednesday nights meeting.

( 21:47) Extell Founder and CEO Gary Barnett talks about the groundbreaking of the military hotel - the cornerstone of his Mayflower Mountain Resort.

(28:56) Friday Film Review of "The Sparks Brothers"

( 31:19) Rick Brough reports on the change of accessory building's code by the Summit County Council from Wednsday's meeting. 

( 33:34) Carolyn Murray story about  Park City High School senior gift of identity flags to the school as part of an inclusiveness theme. 

( 37:40 ) Jennifer Gardner talks about how to garden responsibly with Firewise Landscaping.

On today's Local News Hour:

( 04:14) Update from Wednesday's  groundbreaking of the first piece of Mayflower Mountain Resort.

( 07:58) Summit County Council Member Chris Robinson recaps Wednesday's meeting.

( 24:5) Assistant General Manager and COO of the Weber Basin Water Conservancy District Darren Hess talks about the drought and how it's impacting water sources to Summit County and the recreation at local reservoirs.

(36:03 ) Youth Sports Alliance Executive Director Emily Fisher has more on after-school programming.

( 41:37) Rick Brough reports on how cyber attacks are being addressed in  Summit County

( 42:25) Michelle Deininger's story about how Heber grieves, friends remember teens and mother killed in crash on Highway 189 late Monday afternoon. 

( 46:25) Carolyn Murray with an update on Wasatch County as a second amendment Sanctuary county.

On today's Local News Hour:

(04:23) -  Summit County Fire Warden Bryce Boyer has an update on fire restrictions that go into effect June 16th.  

(13:57) - Leisure Learning Coordinator Jane Toly has a preview of classes being offered for local youth this summer. 

(25:43) South Summit Trails Foundation Board Member Corey Dutton has details about the new trail built in partnership with the U.S. Forest Service.

(36:28) - Summit County Health Department Monthly Update with Health Deptartment Director Rich Bullough.

On today's Local News Hour

( 03:59) Summit County Manager Tom Fisher discusses the agenda for Wednesday's county council meeting.

( 21:25) Ben Anderson has details about this year's Song Summit.

( 37:06) Ex. Director Children's Justice Center of Summit County Ted Walker has an update on the new Justice Center.

( 46:58 ) Rick Brough reports on the latest COVID numbers from the Summit County Board of Health Department meeting Monday.

On today's Local News Hour

( 02:50) Update on the changing McLeod creek levels  due to Water Treatment plant construction . 

( 06:06)  Summit County Behavioral Health Director Aaron Newman has details about the 2021 Behavioral Health Community Health Assessment and progress made in the last 5 years.

( 20:08)  Chef Tamara Sanger and Local Planner Robin Lee of  Taste America Park City talks about the James Beard dinner she is hosting at her restaurant.

On today's Local News Hour:

( 02:09) The Mountain Trails Foundation weekly trails report.

( 08:19 ) Summit County Community Development Director Pat Putt has an update on development projects throughout the county.

( 24:09) Kimball Art Center Director Alday Milliken and Marketing Consultant Meisha Ross have details aobut this year's Arts Festival, the new exhibit opening and upcoming adult programs.

( 37:35 ) Park City Public Utilities Director Clint McAfee has an update on the Three Kings Water Treatment plant.

On today's Local News Hour:

( 02:47) Rick Brough update on the Park City and High Valley Transit service changes for the summer.

( 07:07)  Mail in ballots for Hideout annexation referendum have gone out for the June 22nd special election.

(08:49) A moose was hit by a driver and later put down in Park City Saturday night as Jessica Lowell Reports.

( 10:14) Summit County Council Member Doug Clyde   recaps Wednesday's meeting.

On today's Local News Hour:

(04:16) - Mike Luers and Greg Dupratt talk about their Pony Express reenactment ride later this month.

(17:29) - Carolyn Murray reports on New PC Tots Program Director Charts Course Through the End of the Pandemic.

(20:58) - Jessica Lowell reports on Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: City Investigates Chalk Art Mural Mishap

(24:51) - Heber City Council Member Rachel Kahler recaps Tuesday’s meeting.

(44:12) - Summit Community Garden Executive Director Sloane Johnson has a gardens update.

On today's Local News Hour:

(02:14) PCSD informs staff and students about mask procedures for rest of the school year and graduation. 

( 03:06)  Jessica Lowell's story about Veterans and people looking to remember fallen soldiers coming to Park City’s Main Street Monday to commemorate Memorial Day.

( 05:32) Summit County Manager Tom Fisher discusses the agenda for Wednesday's county council meeting.

On today's Local News Hour:

( 02:25) Mountain Trails Foundation weekly report.

( 08:19) Sean Higgins report on the Park City Council directing staff to pursue taking over a portion of the rail trail from Utah State Parks. 

( 11:12) Summit County Park City Arts Council Ex. Director Jocelyn Scudder has last call for artist for the upcoming Monster Drawing Rally.

( 22:21) Park City Councilmember Nann Worel has a recap of last night's meeting.

On today's Local News Hour:

( 02:36) Rick Brough's update on Summit County Council's public hearing from Wednesday night.

( 06:44) Summit County Council Member Glenn Wright recaps Wednesday's meeting.

( 22:37) Head of Advocacy for SIA Chris Steinkamp and Park City Municipal Environmental Sustainability Manager Luke Cartin have details about Mountain Towns 2030.

( 37:32) Deer Valley Senior Communications Manager Emily Summers has details on the return of the Deer Valley Concert Series and a summer preview.

On today's Local News Hour:

(03:14) - Sean Higgins reports on Park City Councilors Debate Scope of Housing as a Community Priority

(06:30) - Jessica Lowell reports on With Fewer Jobs In The Leisure and Hospitality Sector, Businesses Struggle With Staffing Shortages

(09:12) - Snyderville Basin Planning Commission chair Thomas Cooke has an update from last night’s meeting.

(16:56) - Carolyn Murray reports on Park City School Superintendent Says She's Perplexed by Enrollment Denials

(21:31) - Deputy Park City Manager David Everitt has a preview of this week's city council meeting.

(41:18) - Wasatch County Councilmember, Mark Nelson, talks about his vote against making Wasatch County a Second Amendment sanctuary county.

On today's Local News Hour:

( 02:50) Rick Brough's update on Summit County Health Departments good news on drop in COVID numbers.

( 06:07) Summit County Manager Tom Fisher discusses the agenda for Wednesday's county council meeting.

( 17:53) Carolyn Murray's story on the restrictions caused by the Covid pandemic shining a light on mental health challenges facing many young children across Utah.

On today's Local News Hour:

( 02:13) Sean Higgins report on Park City City Council’s retreat on Thursday that finalized the city’s “Vision 2020” initiative and reviewed the city’s transportation accomplishments over the last year.

( 05:00) Newly appointed South Summit School District Superintendent Greg Maughn tells us about his background and what he's looking forward to.

( 17:00) Running with ED recap story by Jessica Lowell

On today's Local News Hour:

( 03:03) Weekly Mountain Trails Foundation report.

( 04:47) Sean Higgins with an update on the PEG development discussed at Wednesday night's Park City Planning Commission meeting.

( 07:32) Park City Planning Director Gretchen Milliken and Senior Planner Alex Anath have an update on the process for the PEG