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The Mountain Life hosts Lynn Ware Peek & Pete Stoughton explore a wide variety of topics from health, fitness, and nutrition to parenting, lifestyle, and education. Lynn Ware Peek and Pete Stoughton are endurance athletes and lovers of the mountain lifestyle.

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On this episode of The Mountian Life:

Dr. Will Cole, functional medicine doctor and best-selling author, talks about his flexible four-week intermittent fasting. 

He has a new book titled Intuitive Fasting, which explores why you should fast, and how to do it correctly for the best health outcomes.


On this episode of The Mountain Life:

In their ongoing Mountain Living Series, Pete and Lynn speak with artist Connor Liljestrom about how he conveys a sense of the mountains through his art. 

On this episode of The Mountain Life

Dr. Armond LaPine, a cardiologist at Intermountain Park City Hospital and Heber Valley Hospital joins Lynn and Pete to bring insight on staying heart healthy.

Dr. LaPine has more than 24 years experience in the medical field, specializing in adult congenital heart conditions. 

On this episode of The Mountain Life:

Lynn Ware Peek speaks with Jacob Dunford, the Chief Operating Officer at Encircle.

Encircle is the largest LGBTQ+ Resource Center in Utah.

There is a disproportionately high suicide rate for our youth in Utah and Dunford is working to ensure every individual understands their inherent value and is able to find a community. 

On this episode of The Mountain Life

Lynn Ware Peek talks with Denise Woods, one of the most sought-after vocal coaches in Hollywood. Woods comes on to share some of her communication secrets with the rest of us.

From public speaking to asking for a raise, establishing one’s presence in video meetings to a marriage proposal, we are judged by our voice. It is our most crucial instrument of expression.

Woods will talk about proven practices to help anyone utilize their authentic voice.   

Dr. Michael Stein, a professor of Health Law, Policy and Management of the School of Public Health at Boston University discusses the age of health care crises in which doctors are forced to shorten office visits and their patients' financial challenges complicate every decision made for both patient and doctor. 

On today's episode of The Mountain Life:

Jen Rattray, founder and owner of Fairweather Natural Foods, talks about the perfect blend of healthy ingredients that have kept her small business going for 30 years. 

On this epidsode of The Mountian Life:

Backcontry skiing enthusiast and skimo racer Nick Francis discusses his surprising avalanche burial over the weekend and how even those with vast experience find themselves at odds with the deadly snowpack.


Today on The Mountain Life:

Park City native and Olympic cross country skier, Rosie Brennan, shares an in-depth interview about becoming a World Cup leader this season and how she and the US Women's team are making history. 

Today on The Mountain Life:

Steve Leder, senior rabbi of Wilshire Boulevard Temple in Los Angeles and author of many books, including his newest, The Beauty of What Remains, in which he takes readers on the journey of loss and grief that is common to us all. Leder teaches people how to shoulder grief and loss in a way that will help us emerge with wellbeing and even joy on the other side. 

In this episode of The Mountain Life Lynn and Pete's guest is G. Brad Lewis. As part of the ongoing series on Park City area locals who define "Living a Mountain Life," mountain man and photographer and longtime local G.Brad Lewis joins the program to talk about spending the winter where he has to snowmobile to arrive home, and trading that for a summer of photographing erupting volcanos. 

  In this episode of The Mountain Life the guest is Chad Brackelsberg, director of the Utah Avalanche Center. He joins the show to delve into the details of an avalanche. After a sobering month of dozens of avalanches, will the snowpack be safe at all this winter? Area outdoor enthusiasts still seem to take to the backcountry underprepared, and we all have a responsibility to change that through our own education. 


The next guest in the "Living the Mountain Life" series is Gloria Edwards. Originally from Jamaica, she has been a vibrant part of the local character of our community for over 10 years. She joins us to share how she has given in a variety of ways to the wider community of Park City but also to a growing community of Jamaicans living in Summit County.

Author Marissa King joins Pete and Lynn on The Mountain Life this week. King, a thought leader and pioneer in the field of networks and social relationships, reveals how the quality and structure of your real-life social network have the greatest power to transform your life and strengthen your relationships in her book in SOCIAL CHEMISTRY: Decoding the Patterns of Human Connection.

Dr. Wing Province, medical director at Intermountain Park City Hospital joins Lynn and Pete on The Mouuntain Life for our monthly medical expert spot. He will give updates on the Covid numbers in Summit County and beyond, the importance of staying safe until you get the vaccine, and how the distribution of the vaccine at Park City Hospital is taking shape.