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Thursdays, 10-11am

Over the course of the eight Thursdays leading to and immediately following the election, UTAH POLITICS NOW will feature head to head debates with legislative candidates from the two Utah House districts representing Summit and Wasatch counties, and will include candidate interviews, and deliberations when possible, featuring statewide Utah races.  Other topics to be covered include bond issues, polling, and political commentary from leading Utah political thinkers from both major parties.

UTAH POLITICS NOW will also include the voter’s perspective, with live phone calls from listeners being fielded during the last segment of the show. The show will provide listeners with an informed outlook on issues that directly affect our community. Each program will be posted on the KPCW.org website for on-demand listening.

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On our last "Utah Politics Now" broadcast for 2016, co-hosts Leslie Thatcher and Renai Bodley talk to Mark Thomas, Utah Elections Director, about voter turnout.  Then a panel of political analysts breaks down Election 2016:  Morgan Lyon Cotti, Program Manager, Hinckley Institute of Politics, Carol McNamara, Director, Olene S. Walker Institute of Politics, and Bryan Schott, Managing Editor of UtahPolicy.com.  

Is Utah really a toss up state? On today's Utah Politics Now, some of Utah's biggest public policy and opinion influencers: Boyd Matheson, President of Sutherland Institute, Rachel Sanders, Executive Director of Alliance for a Better Utah, Hal Boyd, opinion editor for The Deseret News, and George Pyle, editorial writer, columnist and blogger for The Salt Lake Tribune. 

On today's Utah's Politics Now, Park City School Board candidates Petra Butler and Moe Hickey debate the issues surrounding local education.  Park City Assistant Manager Matt Dias explains why city council voted to put a $25M bond on the ballot which, if approved, would go towards the possible purchase of Bonanza Flats.  And finally, Dr. Peter Clemens, the democratic candidate for Utah District 1 explains why he would do a better job than incumbent Congressman Rob Bishop* (R) if elected.   *Congressman Bishop was invited to be on the show with Dr. Clemens, but he declined.  

On the October 20th edition of Utah Politics Now, hosts Leslie Thatcher and Renai Bodley talk to the candidates for Summit County Council Seat E, Republican Tal Adair, who was appointed to the seat last year and is running to fill the remaining two years of the term, and Democrat Glenn Wright.  They answer questions about affordable housing, transportation and growth.  And then they answer listener's questions, including the final caller who challenged the candidates to list the names of the mayor's of the county's east side cities. 

On today's Utah Politics Now, co-hosts Leslie Thatcher talk to the Park City School Board candidates for District 2, Andrew Caplan and Peter Yogman.  They address issues such as school start times, teacher salaries and drug testing in schools.  Then Mark Thomas, Dhief Deputy and Director of Elections for the Utah Lieutenant Governor's office, joins us on the phone to talk about vote-by-mail, the importance of mailing your ballot on time to be counted, and how to protect yourself from voter fraud. 

On the October 6, 2016 edition of “Utah Politics Now,”  co-hosts Leslie Thatcher and Renai Bodley talk to the Summit County Council Seat B candidates:  Democrat Doug Clyde and Republican Colin DeFord.    Topics include transportation, affordable housing, and the proposed east-side zoning changes. 

Click here for Doug Clyde's website.

Click here for Colin DeFord's website.

Leslie Thatcher

KPCW debuted a new public affairs show, Utah Politics Now  last Thursday. The guests of the first show, which will air through November 10th, were the candidates for Utah House District 54, Republic Tim Quinn and Democrat Rudi Kohler.