Ride Board

Coming Soon-ish.

Due to fabulous challenges beyond our control, KPCW does not have a date for when a proper ride board page will be set up on our website.


Through the magic of Facebook, you can share your request for a ride in our new group: KPCW Classifieds Section. (I dunno, the name might change. I wanted it to be something more jazzy.)

Check out the group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/kpcwclassifieds/

Here are the Rules:

(These are subject to change as the group grows and folks push the envelope to annoying limits.)

If you are a private individual looking for a ride, we want to help.
Please include the following in your post:
  • Put your phone number and/or email address
  • Include the dates you are looking for a ride
  • Include anything you are offering (gas money, packed lunches, etc)
  • Answer questions from others promptly
Email us at webmaster@kpcw.org.
KPCW takes no responsibility for the claims and items posted in the group. This is all on the honor system folks, and by using this site, you agree that each and every transaction is done strictly between the buyer and the seller.
KPCW reserves the right to cut anyone off, delete anyone's post and kick folks out of the group for any reason and at any time. So don't push it.