2030 Winter Olympics

Christophe Moratal/IOC

The International Olympic Committee met in a session last week in Switzerland. There the committee received an update on future Winter Olympic Host cities. The update included only three cities by name, Salt Lake being one of them.

Greg Martin/IOC

On Monday afternoon the International Olympic Committee announced the host city for the 2026 Winter Olympic Games. Find out what the committee highlighted and what that could mean for a future Salt Lake City Olympic bid.

“The members of the International Olympic Committee have elected the host city of the Olympic Winter Games 2026,” IOC President Thomas Bach said while opening an envelope Monday afternoon in Switzerland. “The host is Milano-Cortina.”

Utah Olympic Legacy Foundation

The movement for a 2030 Utah Winter Olympics is continuing to expand their footprint. Most recently a leader from the movement spoke with the Heber Valley Chamber of Commerce.

While speaking to the Heber Valley Chamber of Commerce at the Soldier Hollow Nordic Center, Utah Olympic Legacy Foundation Director Collin Hilton praised the center as a public amenity and as a laboratory for future Olympic athletes.

Utah Olympic Park

Now that the United State Olympic Committee has selected Salt Lake as the site for a future Winter Olympics, Colin Hilton, head of the Olympic Legacy Foundation, says they can move ahead when the USOC is ready.

They’re prepping a budget of over a billion dollars. Hilton said that’s a lot less than a venue like Sochi, and it’s a spending plan that put athletes first.

Hilton said the budget for the Winter Games is projected at some $1.35 billion—and the only taxpayer dollars going into the Games are coming from the federal level.

Salt Lake 2030 Facebook Page

For Utahns hoping to once again host the Olympic Games, Friday was an important step towards that goal, as the United States Olympic Committee selected Salt Lake as its choice for the future site for a Winter Olympics and Paralympics event.

Colin Hilton, head of the Olympic Legacy Foundation, said a lot of countries don’t want to host the Olympics, but Salt Lake has the support of the community and local leadership.

Salt Lake 2030 Facebook Page

It’s been over 16 years since the Winter Olympics first came to Utah in 2002. Now the United States Olympic Committee has endorsed efforts for a return of the games.

The United States Olympic Committee selected Salt Lake City as the US candidate for a future Winter Olympic and Paralympic Bid Friday afternoon. Salt Lake City was selected over Denver, Colorado.

The USOC said in a press release the next open bid will be for the 2030 Games, with a selection to be made by the International Olympic Committee no later than 2023.

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The US Olympic Committee will decide and announce their endorsement for the 2030 Winter Olympics. Salt Lake and Denver are the only two cities left for consideration. Those in favor of bringing the games back are well aware of the potential costs of the game.

Colin Hilton, Director of the Utah Olympic Legacy Foundation says through their exploratory committee efforts they’ve calculated the estimate cost of the games in 2018 dollars.

Salt Lake 2030 Facebook Page

And then there were two. The Reno-Tahoe area has dropped out of consideration for the 2030 US Olympic bid, leaving just Salt Lake City and Denver. The USOC came to Salt Lake this week to tour facilities and meet with government officials.

Members of the US Olympic Committee along with the organization’s CEO, spokesperson and head of international bids all toured sites as they considered Utah as the US nomination for the 2030 Winter Olympics. Utah Olympic Legacy Foundation Director Colin Hilton reports the tour went very well.

At the Summit County Council's annual retreat on Monday, members talked about where they see the county 12 years out.  As Rick Brough reports, that timeframe wasn't chosen accidentally:

Utah has planted its flag, declaring it wants to host another Winter Olympics.  And even though those games are 12 years out, it's not too early to start planning, says Colin Hilton, member of the Salt Lake Olympic Exploratory Commission.  Rick Brough has the story: