Adriane Juarez

Summit County Manager Tom Fisher discusses the agenda for Wednesday's county council meeting. (05:45)

Executive  Director of  Mountain Town Music Brian Richards has a look ahead at how they’re planning for the summer concert season. (22:04)

Executive Director of Summit Land Conservancy Cheryl Fox has details on their virtual breakfast as well as open space issues (31:19) and Park City Library Director Adriane Juarez has details on the partial reopening of the county libraries using curbside pickup. (41:10)

On today’s program, the Director of Park City Film Katy Wang has details on this weekend's screening at Jim Santy Auditorium, The Aeronauts. Midway City Council Member Elect Kevin Payne talks about his upcoming term. Summit County Librarian Dan Compton and Park City Librarian Adriane Juarez discuss the changes to our public libraries and comment on the Utah Public Libraries boycott of Macmillan eBooks and Park City Economic Development Manager Jonathan Weidenhamer talks about how the new drop and load zones are working and the enforcement efforts on Main Street.

Local News Hour - June 7. 2019

Jun 7, 2019

On today’s program Charlie Sturgis has the Mountain Trails Report with Charlie Sturgis. Summit County Community Development Director Pat Putt has an update on the Echo Wind Farm project and Hoytsville Overlay project. Park City Council member Lynn Ware Peek has a recap of last night's meeting. Park City Library Director Adriane Juarez and board member Margie Schlosser talk about their recent awards from the Utah Library Association.