Andrew Frink

Cyber Security In Schools Is A Growing Concern

Jul 25, 2019

Cyber security in schools like Park City that are technology rich, can cause operational chaos at best and infringement on the privacy of minors, at the worst. National reports have recently outlined repeated technical vandalism causing multi day school shutdowns, holding systems hostage and even bullying. The culprits are reportedly criminals, juveniles and foreign governments.

RISE Testing Glitches Continue

May 10, 2019

Utah students continue to experience glitches in the RISE state assessment test. It stands for Readiness, Improvement, Success and Empowerment. This is the first year using the new system which replaces the SAGE tests which were in place for the past five years. It’s reported that the servers were down Friday so testing is suspended until they’re up and running.

Apples Verses Oranges: Mac Verses Chrome Books

Jul 26, 2018

Personal laptops and pads are part of the standard one to one program in the Park City School District. The Technology Director is starting the process of looking at the types of machines that are most cost effective and best suited for student learning. Carolyn Murray has this:

On today’s program, Summit County Council member Glenn Wright has a recap of Wednesday's meeting. Park City School District Technology Director, Andrew Frink talks about the state and federal standardized testing changes coming, how it could impact funding statewide and what it means to Park City Students.