Cutting-Edge Science to Help Channel Anxiety

11 hours ago

On Cool Science Radio, John and Lynn welcome Wendy Suzuki. Suzuki has written GOOD ANXIETY: Harnessing the Power of the Most Misunderstood Emotion.

There are about 40 million people— or 18% of the population—suffering from clinical anxiety disorders today.


What Happens When Nature Breaks the Law?

12 hours ago

On Cool Science Radio, John and Lynn bring Mary Roach on the show.


Roach has written Fuzz: When Nature Breaks the Law…What should we do with a jaywalking moose? A bear caught breaking and entering? How about a murderous tree?


According to Roach, three hundred years ago, animals that broke the law would be assigned legal representation and put on trial. These days, the answers are best found not in the field of law but in science…cool science.

I Survived Book Series Commemorates 9/11

Sep 8, 2021

On The Mountain Life, Lynn speaks with author Lauren Tarshis, who is one of the writers for the the New York Times bestselling I Survived series that tells stories of young people and their resilience and strength in the midst of unimaginable disasters.

Her recently released book to commemorate the 20th anniversary if I Survived the Attacks of September 11th, 2001.

The book is intended for young people to learn about American history in an informative, yet gentle manner.

On this episode of The Mountain Life, Lynn Ware Peek welcomes Dr. Blythe Grossberg, who wrote a captivating memoir about tutoring for Manhattan's elite.

In it she reveals how a life of extreme wealth both helps and harms the children of the one percent.

Her new book is titled: I Left My Homework in the Hamptons: What I Learned Teaching the Children of the 1%.

On Cool Science Radio, Tom Standage comes on to talk about his new book, A BRIEF HISTORY OF MOTION: From the Wheel to the Car, to What Comes Next.


The best-selling car in the US in 1897 was electric, and by 1900 steam vehicles were most popular, with electric cars in second place and gasoline-powered vehicles third.


John and Lynn talk with Tom about how the car shaped society and the future of personal transportation.

On Cool Science Radio, Lynn and John dive into a fascinating discussion about dreams with Sidarta Ribeiro, who has written THE ORACLE OF NIGHT: The History and Science of Dreams.


Ribeiro answers our questions about what dreams are and why we have them.


Signs and Symptoms of Sleep Disorders in Children

Aug 19, 2021

On Cool Science Radio, John and Lynn welcome neurologist and sleep expert Dr. Chris Winter.


Dr. Winter has authored a book titled: THE RESTED CHILD: Why Your Tired, Wired, or Irritable Child May Have a Sleep Disorder -- and How to Help.


In his book, Dr. Winter identifies the signs and symptoms of the most common sleep disorders and empowers parents and caregivers to understand the steps necessary to address and treat their children's sleep issues.

On Cool Science Radio, Dr Samantha Montano, an assistant professor of emergency management at Massachusetts Maritime Academy comes on the show.

In her new book, Disasterology: Dispatches from the Front Lines of the Climate Crisis, Dr. Montano explains why we aren’t doing enough to prevent or prepare for disasters now that climate change is contributing to the disruption of ecosystems and worsening disasters. 


Simple Food Prescriptions for Hormonal Imbalances

Aug 11, 2021

On The Mountain Life, Dr. Neal Barnard comes on the show to discuss his new book, Your Body in Balance: The New Science of Foods, Hormones, and Health.

Dr. Barnard says hidden in everyday foods are the causes of a surprising range of health problems: infertility, menstrual cramps, weight gain, hair loss, breast and prostate cancer, hot flashes, and so much more.

He believes few people realize how a simple food prescription can help you tackle hormonal imbalances. In his book he shows us how. 

The Untapped Science of Less

Aug 10, 2021

On This Green Earth, Nell and Chris have an interesting conversation that drives the question, what if there was a simple shift in thinking that could help us approach climate change in a way that allowed us to embrace both progress and preservation?

They discuss this shift in thinking with University of Virginia professor Leidy Klotz. In his new book, SUBTRACT: The Untapped Science of Less, Klotz defines how we systematically overlook the concept of simplification when trying to improve elements of life, work, and the world.

We default to fixing through adding.

Yoga of Self-Acceptance

Aug 4, 2021

On The Mountain Life, Jessamyn Stanley comes on to talk with Lynn and Pete.

Stanley is an internationally acclaimed voice in wellness. She is highly sought after for her insights on 21st-century yoga and intersectional identity.

She has been celebrated for her trademark approach to tackling big topics - from fat-shaming to her black identity to the complexity of unattainable beauty standards.

Her new book is called YOKE: My Yoga of Self-Acceptance.

The Body's Path to Heal Itself

Aug 4, 2021

On The Mountain Life, Lynn Ware Peek and Pete Stoughton bring us a fascinating conversation with MaryRuth Ghiyam, a certified health educator, nutritional consultant, and culinary chef.

Ghiyam’s interest in learning about the body’s path to heal itself led to extensive research and travels around the country.

Now, her research and travel has inspired what she calls the MaryRuth Method, which includes small tips on how to make big changes in your diet.

The Science of Sweat

Jul 15, 2021

On Cool Science Radio, Sarah Everts comes on the show. Everts has authored a book on one of our weirdest biological functions, perspiration.

In her new book, The Joy of Sweat: The Strange Science of Perspiration, she explores this most vital and least understood function of our body.  

On The Mountain Life, Pete Stoughton and Lynn Ware Peek speak with former spy turned stay-at-home mom, Christina Hillsberg, who provides a groundbreaking guide to parenting based on her experience as a CIA analyst.

On The Mountain Life, Lynn welcomes Dr. Christian Jarrett, a neuroscientist who has written about the malleability of the brain and how we can fundamentally change our personality type.  Can someone reverse narcissism?  Can we change our brain to undo anxiety?  Dr. Jarrett says yes, and he talks about how to harness this power to change in, Be Who You Want: Unlocking the Science of Personality Change.