13-Year Old Bitten By Bear While Camping Near Moab

Aug 9, 2019
Utah DWR

A 13-year old was bitten by a bear in the Moab area along the Colorado River Friday morning.

The 13-year old male victim was bitten on the right cheek and right ear at about 5:45 AM while sleeping in a camping area near the Dewey Bridge in Grand County, Utah. He was first brought to a clinic in Moab and then transported by ambulance to an ER in Grand Junction. He was treated and released.

Utah DWR

The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources received 27 reports of bear encounters in 2018, yet it’s mid-July and they’ve already had 25 reports of bears rummaging through campgrounds, playgrounds, back yards and garbage cans. 

Steve Gray / Utah DWR

Officers with Utah’s Division of Wildlife Resources are beginning to get reports of black bear sightings, as the animals emerge from their winter hibernation.

KPCW checked in with a spokeswoman for the DWR, to get some tips about how to be safe when camping or recreating in the forests and mountains.

Faith Jolley, a PIO for the Wildlife Division, said recreationists in the forests need to remember that they’re in the bears’ neighborhood.

Grizzly bears are long gone from this state, they inhabit Wyoming or Montana.

  Wildlife officials have captured the bear that had made itself at home in the Aerie subdivision on Wednesday.

The Park City police department was on wildlife patrol today. KPCW's Leslie Thatcher has more.

Originally aired on July 23, 2013.

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