Bonana Flat


Park City municipal purchased the Bonanza Flat property in 2017. The property is located outside the city’s jurisdiction in Wasatch County. The logistics of a municipalities property in another county, continues to be a challenge for both Park City and Wasatch County. The latest discussion revolves around  the right of way of Wasatch County roads on the property.

As Part of Park City Council’s business last week, the panel approved batteries for their electric buses—and they heard about a planned improvement for their Bonanza Flat property.

The Council last week approved an agreement to lease electric-bus batteries from Proterra. Council Member Lynn Ware Peek said there were a couple of reasons they were leasing the batteries.

Utah Open Lands

Wasatch County Council voted last week to authorize 100 foot easements for several county roads through Bonanza Flat.  The property is owned by Park City which is in the process of establishing a Conservation Easement under the coordination of Utah Open Lands.  The property was purchased as open space last year in a high profile acquisition that involved multiple contributors and a 25 million dollar voter approved bond.  Carolyn Murray has this: