Brian McInerney

Summit County Council Member Chris Robinson has a recap of Wednesday’s meeting, where the council cut $3 million from the budget and plan to cut another $2 million more soon. National Weather Service Senior Hydrologist Brian McInerney has a look at spring runoff and what’s ahead for him as he retires from the NWS at the end of the month and Park City Film Series Director Katy Wang has details on the virtual film programming they're offering while the Jim Santy Auditorium is shuttered.

Today on This Green Earth, Brian McInerney from the National Weather Service stops by to provide a summary of the weather and climate this past fall.  How did Summit County and northern Utah fare with respect to average temperatures and precipitation and, what's the conditions of our watersheds and reservoirs.

This Green Earth September 24, 2019 Brian McInerney

Sep 24, 2019

Brian McInerney, Senior Hydrologist with the National Weather Service gives a recap on this past summers warm and dry conditions.  He also discusses reservoir storage, burn scars and debris flow.

During the first half of the show, Nell and Chris spoke with Brian McInerney as they do every solstice and equinox for an update on weather and climate.  A record breaking wet spring has provided many benefits to our streams, reservoirs, and soils, but also causes some challenges.  Tune in to learn more!

Water Is High But Not To Flood Stage

Jun 10, 2019
Provo River Water Users Association

The snow run-off is expected to increase through the week. However, flood bulletins are not issued unless property damage accompanies the high water. Last week a canal in the Ranch Place neighborhood was overflowing a culvert and running into Cutter Lane. It was not a flood designation because the water flowed into a storm drain on the street.

Deer Valley Resort

The National Resources Conservation Service released its Utah Water Supply Outlook Report, and after a very snowy winter, it’s safe to say that things are looking good. 

As of April 1, which hydrologists count as the peak date for snowpack accumulation, the water in Utah’s snowpack comes in at 140% of normal. Last year’s snowpack was only 64% of the median snow water equivalent. March’s storms alone brought about five additional inches of water to Utah’s mountains.

During the first half of the show, Chris and Nell spoke with Brian McInerney, Senior Hydrologist with the National Weather Service, for a quarterly update on all things weather, climate, and water.  Brian gave a recap of the precipitation this winter and an outlook for the coming spring.

Brian McInerney, Senior Hydrologist, has a update on the winter snowfall and temperatures to date and how our snowpack is fairing. Judging from the past few days, it should be fairing well. 

This summer was Utah's warmest on record.  September was well above average and also one of the driest.  And today most of the state is facing warnings for "flash floods".   What's going on?  Chris and Nell speak with Brian McInerney from the National Weather Service to better understand our shifting temperatures and weather patterns.  

Local News Hour - August 29, 2018

Aug 29, 2018

On today’s program, Snyderville Basin Planning Commissioner Malena Stevens has a recap from Tuesday’s meeting. Assistant Park City Manager Matt Dias and Transportation Planning Manager Alfred Knotts have a preview of the agenda for Thursday's city council meeting. National Weather Service Hydrologist Brian McInerney has details about this winter's long range forecast and a look at the predictions from the Farmer’s Almanac that were released this week.

Brian McInerney, Senior Hydrologist with the National Weather Service, summarizes this past springs temperature,  precipitation data and trends.

Earth Day Awards Brunch

The local celebration of Earth Day last weekend included an honor given to Brian McInerney, a National Weather Service hydrologist and frequent guest on KPCW.  Utah Open Lands and the Utah Rivers Council praised McInerney for his many years of focusing on the impacts of climate change. Rick Brough has more:

Local News Hour - April 24, 2018

Apr 24, 2018

      Summit County Sheriffs Department, Andrew Wright and Justin Hemingway talk about a community workshop called Front Line and Blue Line  which is scheduled for May 14th at Ecker Hill Middle School.  Park City Planning Director Bruce Erikson has a preview of the Planning Commission meeting scheduled for Wednesday.  Utah Open Lands Executive Director, Wendy Fisher and National Weather Service Senior Hydrologist, Brian McInerney talk to KPCW about the Brock Evans Earth Day Conservation award given to McInerney for his lifetime of work educating people on the effects of climate change.  

This Green Earth - April 3, 2018

Apr 3, 2018


This Green Earth January 2, 2018

Jan 2, 2018

On today's show, Chris and Nell speak first with Brian McInerney of the National Weather Service.  Brian will summarize this fall's temperatures and precipitation and review 2017 as a whole, one of the warmest years on record.  In the second part of the show, Nate Brown of the Audubon Society talks about the results of this year's Christmas Bird Count, including Summit County observations and how bird types and populations are changing as our region warms and habitats shrink.