Cada Domingo

Cada Domingo - Eddie Juarez - 05-03-21

May 3, 2021

SLC Music Producer Eddie Juarez joins us to talk about singer/songwriter Dalia Haro, we hear some of her music, and despite not being able to connect with the artist due to technical difficulties, we spend the hour talking about Eddie's work, the inspiration behind it, including not taking a fee for promoting up and coming artists, and much more.

Cada Domingo - Ma Black - 05-02-21

May 3, 2021

Activist Ma Black joins us to talk about the unveiling of a mural dedicated to the legacy of Margarita Satini taking place at the Og-woi-People's Orchard and Garden's Project located at 412 N Salt Lake City, Utah 84116 starting at 11am. Event organizer Ma Black talks about Margarita's legacy, the influence Margarita has had on the members of the Tongan community, and the impact of her work. 
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Joana Acevedo & Ana Pantoja - 05-02-21

May 3, 2021

Mountain Mediation Center is Partnering with Connect Summit County for May's Community Conversation focused on "Addressing the Stigma on Mental Health" as part of the ongoing series of community conversations held via Zoom. The event takes place May 4th, begining at 6:30pm. 

Cada Domingo - Yonston - 04-28-21

Apr 25, 2021

Sinaloan urban artist Yonston joins us to talk about his music, his experiences, shares about the differences between being an artist and a music producer, talks about the future of music, and more. We also listen to some of his music.

Artista urbano Sinaloense Yonston nos acompaña para hablar de su musica, sus experiencias, conparte algunas de las diferencias entre ser artista y productor de musica, habla del futuro de la musica, y más. Tambien escuchamos algo de su musica.


Cada Domingo - Mary Closer - 04-28-21

Apr 25, 2021

Recycle Utah is hoping to gain more feedback from the Latino and Hispanic members of the community by opening up two part-time temporary positions for individuals who are fluent in Spanish. Mary Closer, Education Director with Recycle Utah joins us to talk about the positions, the goals behind these, and the vision this information will help accomplish.

Cada Domingo - Oliver Valenzuela - 04-18-21

Apr 18, 2021

Utah-based rock group Dulce Sky has a long tradition in the music scene in Salt Lake City, or rather, it did until they dissolved some years back. Now, newly reformed, they are performing live in venues like Liquid Joe's as a way to promote their newly re-released album Invisible Empire. Group founder Oliver Valenzuela joins us to talk about the history of the band, the causes for their break-up, and their reunion. We also hear some of their music.

Cada Domingo - Sarah McCarthy - 04-18-21

Apr 18, 2021

Park City Community Foundation has decided on this year's recipients for the Solomon Fund which include many local Non-Profit organizations in order to reach the foundation's goal towards a more equitable and inclusive Park City. Community Impact Manager Sarah McCarthy joins us to talk about the 19 different organizations eligible to recieve funds through the Solomon Fund including Ballet West, Basin Recreation, and many more.

Cada Domingo - Ninrot La Diferencia

Apr 11, 2021

Salt Lake Urban music artist Ninrot La Diferencia returns to Cada Domingo to update us on his career, how he dealt with the pandemic and its effects on his music, and to debut his new single "VETE". 

Artista de música urbana de Salt Lake Ninrot La Diferencia regresa a Cada Domingo para actualizarnos en su carrera, de cómo se enfrentó a la pandemia y para estrenar su nuevo sencillo "VETE"

Cada Domingo - Edwin Espinel - 04-11-21

Apr 11, 2021

Now that COVID vaccines are available to the public for anyone 16 years or older, there is still much to do to ensure we reach herd immunity, and to provide access to the vaccine for the most vulnerable in our society. Edwin Espinel, Health Systems Specialist with the Utah Department of Health joins us to talk about the vaccine rollout, the importance of continued mask use, and much more.

Cada Domingo - Perro Callejero - 04-04-21

Apr 5, 2021

Mexican Urban Rock group Perro Callejero has been performing for 15 years. Their popular release "Yo Quiero Ser" launched them into the Mexican Rock scene in 2006, and they have been going strong since. Singer Issac joins us to talk about the history, challenges & accomplishments of Perro Callejero, and we hear some of their older and more recent work.

Cada Domingo - Juan José Corrales Gómez - 04-04-21

Apr 4, 2021

Juan José Corrales Gómes is a Lawyer, Activist and Promoter of fundamental, human, and political rights for Mexican migrants who live in the US and their families abroad. He is also the founder for nonprofit organizations Fuerza Migrante and Iniciativa Migrante. We spend the hour discussing the many challenges and accomplishments made, including the election of migrants to key government positions in Mexico's Congress.

Cada Domingo - José Melendez - 04-04-21

Apr 4, 2021

Park City's free electric bus system Spring Schedule changes to its routes take effect April 10. José Melendez, Transit Shift Supervisor for Park City Transit joins us to talk about the changes, who is affected, and the safety requirements that are enforced on the buses.

Cada Domingo - Joana Acevedo & Ana Pantoja - 04-04-21

Apr 4, 2021

Mountain Mediation Center continues its series of Community Conversations on April 6th focusing on Contributing to Community Decisions in their effort to bridge the gap that exists between the many different groups that make up our community.  Joana Acevedo and Ana Pantoja join us to share their insights on previous meetings, and their plans for April 6th's meeting. The meetings take place via Zoom, April 6th's meeting staring at 6pm until 7:30pm and will be in both English and Spanish. You must register prior to the event to participate and receive the link

Cada Domingo - Eddie de la Fuente - 04-04-21

Apr 4, 2021

We chat with Pack n' Crate owner Eddie de la Fuente, we talk about some of the services available, and about the logistics of sending packages to Mexico, Central and South America. 

Platicamos con Eddie de la Fuente, dueño de Pack n' Crate, y hablamos de algunos de los servicios disponibles, y de la logística del envío de paquetes a México, America Central, y America del Sur.


Cada Domingo - Ale & Aleks - 03-28-21

Mar 28, 2021

Singer/Songrwiting duo Ale & Aleks are a talented pairing that works in multiple musical genres. Ale and Aleks spend the hour telling us about their inspiration, their goals, and their experiences, and we hear some of their newly-released tracks for their upcoming EP release.

El dúo de cantautores Ale y Aleks son un par talentoso quienes trabajan en generos musicales múltiples. Ale y Aleks pasan la hora charlando de sus inspiraciones, sus metas, y sus experiencias, y escuchamos algo de sus nuevas canciones para el vigente EP.