Cada Domingo

Cada Domingo - Rube Peña & Julio - La Ronda Bogotá

Sep 13, 2020

Mexican group La Ronda Bogotá has made a worldwide impact with their music inspired by Colombian Cumbia. Early on Celso Piña, founder of La Ronda Bogotá decided to take his musical style in a different direction which led to an explosion in popularity. A year after the loss of Celso Piña, we chat with his brother and co-founder, Rube Piña and bandmember Julio about the future of the group, their impact on the world of Mexican music, and the ongoing recognition of the band's massive influence in the Mexican Cumbia genre.

Cada Domingo - Cinta de Oro (formerly Sin Cara)

Sep 13, 2020

Mexican Wrestler Cinta de Oro (formerly Sin Cara) has led a successful career, spanning many countries in the world. We spend the hour with Cinta de Oro and chat about some of the controversies behind his moniker, his history as a wrestler, and some of the challenges of being a minority wrestler in the US, in contrast to other countries.

Cada Domingo - Trudy Brereton & Juri Jenson

Sep 13, 2020

Wasatch County's Caring Community Coalition members Trudy Brereton and Juri Jenson joins us to talk about the 6th annual Family Dinner in the Park. The event is organized in an effort to promote the many benefits of having a family meal time including children talking about school with parents and having fun with the family, teenagers who eat dinner with their family are less likely to use tobacco, alcohold or marijuana, and many others.

Cada Domingo - Reph - Mexican Rap Artist

Sep 7, 2020

Sonora-born Mexian rap Artist Reph joins us to talk about his work, his inspiration, and to share some of his work. We chat about his career, the challenges, the wins, the losses, and his determination to meet his vision for success in the business.

Artista Mexicano nacido en Sonora Reph nos acompaña para hablar de su trabajo, su inspiracion, y para compartir algo de su trabajo. Charlamos de su carrera, los retos, las victorias, las pérdidas, y de su determinación a su visión para éxito en el negocio.

Cada Domingo - Patricia Cavazos

Sep 7, 2020

We Continue our series about the 2019 Binational Journey for artists of Mexican ancestry based in the United States by The Mexican Government organization IME (Institute for Mexicans in the Exterior) where they invited 43 artists representing 36 states in the U.S. 

We spend the hour discussing the way Nicaragua has handled the COVID-19 pandemic. Our guest requested to remain annonymous to protect his loved ones in the country. We discuss the political reasons behind the country's decisions, the overburdened medical system, and the response of the public to the government's policies. 

Cada Domingo - Luis Fitch

Aug 30, 2020

We Continue our series about the 2019 Binational Journey for artists of Mexican ancestry based in the United States by The Mexican Government organization IME (Institute for Mexicans in the Exterior) where they invited 43 artists representing 36 states in the U.S. 

Cada Domingo - Consul José Borjón

Aug 30, 2020

Just like all other organizations, public or private, the Mexican Consulate of Mexico in Salt Lake City has made changes to the way they provide services and programs to community members in Utah. Consul José Borjón joins us to talk about these changes, the many programs available through the consulate, and some of the challenges the pandemic has created.

Cada Domingo - Oscar Salinas

Aug 30, 2020

Park City Transit is preparing their winter bus schedule, and have invited the public to give their feedback via online survey to determine changes to many of the bus routes. Oscar Salinas joins us to discuss some of the changes, some of the ways these changes benefit and affect riders, and some of the reasons for the suggested changes. 

Survey Link English 

Cada Domingo - Lynn Ware-Peek

Aug 23, 2020

Lynn Ware-Peek, Outreach Coordinator with Park City Municipal joins us to talk about a series of video chats via Facebook Live where representatives of organizations relevant to the Hispanic and Latino members of our community like The Christian Center of Park City, The Park City Police Department, the Park City School District, and many others in an effort to facilitate access to information to all members of the community. The chats have taken place Wednesdays about once a month via Facebook Live where viewers can post questions in real-time.

Cada Domingo - El Cacho - Mexican Rap Artist

Aug 17, 2020

Mexican Rap artist El Cacho has used his music to talk about his life experiences and the Urban reality. Thanks to his success as an artist, he has founded El Paisa Movement, a program that helps facilitate access to recording, production, and distribution to new and upcoming artists. We chat with El Chaco about his life, his inspiration, and the message he hopes to share through his music. 

On the eve of the return to the fall 2020/Spring 2021 school year, James Judd shares the ways to help minimize the risk of infection of COVID-19, the plans and preparations made, and the responsibilities parents face.

La noche antes del regreso al año escolar del Otoño 2020/Primavera 2021, James Judd comparte las maneras para ayudar a minimizar el riezgo de infección del COVID-19, los planes y preparaciones hechas, y las responsabilidades que los padres tienen que enfrentar.

Cada Domingo - Lirio Sanchez

Aug 17, 2020

The Mountain Mediation Center will be holding its first Spanish Speaking Community Conversation "Reimagining the Juvenile Justice System", in an effort to extend its services to the Hispanic and Latino members of our communities in Wasatch and Summit.
The event is over Facebook Live.

The event is on August 22 
10:30am - 12:00pm

Cada Domingo - Chuy Arriaga "El Padrino"

Aug 9, 2020

With over 25 years of experience, Mexican Ska group Inspector has enjoyed a prolific career and the chance to colaborate with some of the most prolific musicians in Mexico including members from Café Tacuba, Maldita Vecindad, and many more. El Padrino Chuy Arriaga, founding member and saxophonist joins us to talk about the band's history, their inspiration, and the ways the band has had to adapt to the new reality.

Cada Domingo - Joshua Bravo

Aug 9, 2020

This year's Utah Pride Parade and Festival will be taking place with some significant changes. In an effort to observe social distancing, the parade will be a vehicular parade, and a series of web events. Another major change is the dates being pushed back to September.