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The China Bridge Parking program has been in place since mid-December of 2017. It has cost city tax payers a little over $3.5 million. The parking program is part of the broader Old Town parking management system and the City’s overall Transportation plan.

A weekend power outage affected 1,600 people in Park City this past weekend. While many were concerned about homes and businesses the outage also affected local parking.

This weekend as power went out the arms on the China Bridge garage went up. Johnny Wasden with Park City Parking explains why.

“They’re designed to basically go up so that no one gets trapped in there. Not requiring payment or anything like that just because it’s no one’s fault. We just want to be able to get people out of there in the event of a power failure.”

The Summit County Attorney office has dropped its prosecution of a local resident, who was arrested for damaging an exit gate last winter, shortly after a new parking permit system started at Park City's China Bridge.

The county reports the defendants has met all the conditions of an informal agreement. His attorney says the vandalism was an accident.

Melissa Allison

Artist Emily Herr was awarded the $40,000 public art contract with Park City to create four murals in the China Bridge parking. Only a few members of the public showed on Saturday to help paint the mural. Even so, things went faster than anticipated. Melissa Allison tells us its not too late to get involved:

A couple of years ago, Park City’s Public Art Board identified the China Bridge parking garage as a location where they’d like to see artwork. The city has since contracted with artist Emily Herr [her] out of Virginia. KPCW’s Melissa Allison tells you how you can get involved:

When the Sundance Film Festival launches Thursday, it will be a workout for Park City's transit, its new paid parking system, and other infrastructure.  Rick Brough reports on his recent conversation about this with new Mayor Andy Beerman:

The Park City Police Department reports that the city's new paid parking system was disrupted by a couple of rule-breakers -- leading to some equipment damage in one case. Rick Brough has more.

It's been a long time in the works, and hundreds of thousands of dollars spent, but Park City met its target and rolled out the new downtown paid parking early Friday morning.  An unexpected problem emerged as people started using the new system:  it appears cell phones and the parking pay stubs don't get along very well.  KPCW's Leslie Thatcher has this update:

For more information on the parking changes, click here.

Carolyn Murray

With the implementation of the new demand-based parking system next month, Park City is trying to figure out where the balloon will bulge when the Old Town parking gets squeezed. KPCW's Leslie Thatcher has more.

Carolyn Murray

The China Bridge parking structure on Swede Alley in Old Town is having some work done to prepare for the new demand and fee  based parking system which is going into effect December 15th.  Carolyn Murray has more:

$20.00 Cash to Park in China Bridge This Weekend

Aug 31, 2017
Courtesy of Carolyn Murray

Park City Municipal will charge $ 20.00 for

 parking in China Bridge this weekend. Along with increased shuttles, public transportation and bike valets, they’re hoping to lighten the traffic impacts in old town.   Carolyn Murray has more:

Treasure Hill Meeting Draws Huge Crowds

Dec 14, 2016

The Park City Council Chamber was packed — standing-room only last night as the Planning Commission held its regularly scheduled meeting. The draw? Treasure Hill. KPCW's Melissa Allison has more.

The Park City Council will be asked this week to approve a vendor contract that will get the new parking management program rolling, with an estimated implementation date of June 1st. KPCW's Leslie Thatcher has more.

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Why does Park City have a parking garage called “China Bridge”?

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