Christopher Head

32-year-old Christopher Leahy Head A Salt Lake City resident pled Guilty to shooting his brother at a Canyons hotel earlier this year was sentenced Monday to 120 days in jail.

At the hearing held in Third District Court, Judge Patrick Corum said that he didn’t think prison time was warranted for the defendant, but he felt Head should serve some additional jail time because he did shoot someone.

“Look, this is not for your own good,” Corum said. “It’s just for punishment, okay, pure and simple.”

Sentencing was delayed in Third District Court Monday for a Salt Lake man who pled Guilty after shooting his brother at a Canyons hotel.

The judge put off a decision after a new allegation surfaced against the defendant. Although the details are unclear at this point.

The defendant, 32-year-old Christopher Leahy Head, was arrested in April. Officers reported that he, his older brother, and their families were staying at the Westgate Hotel when an argument broke out between the siblings. The defendant fired a handgun, striking the older brother in the rear.

A Salt Lake Valley man arrested last month for shooting his older brother at a Canyons hotel entered into a plea agreement Monday with Summit County prosecutors.

The defendant, 32-year-old Christopher Leahy Head, has been confined to the Summit County Jail. After his approval of the plea agreement, Third District Court Judge Patrick Corum ordered the man’s release.