Climate Change

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced earlier this week that a petition to protect monarch butterflies under the Endangered Species Act has been put on a waiting list. 


Drastic declines in both the eastern and western populations of monarch butterflies in North America led to a 2014 petition by the Center for Food Safety, Center for Biological Diversity, and other advocates seeking endangered species classification. 


Joining over one thousand leaders across the United States, Park City Municipal affirmed its commitment to global climate action on the fifth anniversary of the Paris Agreement.

Park City Municipal commemorated the fifth anniversary of the landmark Paris climate agreement on Saturday,

John Curtis

Climate change is a partisan issue in this country, and one Republican Utah Congressman is working with members across the aisle to address the global climate crisis. 

Republican Utah Congressman John Curtis has openly called on members of his political party to acknowledge climate change. 

He’s worked with Citizens’ Climate Lobby and cosponsored bills ranging from advanced battery recycling programs to legislation that would help farmers get paid to sequester carbon in soil.

In this episode of This Green Earth Chris and Nell are joined by environmental professor and Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Gary Yohe. Dr. Yohe talks about the influence climate change is having on the record-breaking wildfires occurring in Colorado and the Pacific West Coast.  Professor Yohe has been writing about Climate Change since the mid-80's so he'll also share how the predictions made back then are holding up almost four decades later.

Bureau of Land Management

A Wyoming court recently struck down a rule preventing oil and gas companies from deliberately venting or burning off excess natural gas. KPCW looks at what that means for the environment and what the future of that rule might look like.


It’s called “venting and flaring” and it’s the practice energy companies use to burn off excess natural gas or release it into the atmosphere during the extraction of oil.


Heber City

The Utah Climate and Clean Air Compact was signed by over 130 prominent political, business, and religious leaders earlier this month, including Park City Mayor Andy Beerman and Heber City Mayor Kelleen Potter. KPCW spoke with both of them about the compact and what the Wasatch Back can do on this important issue:


The words “climate change” can provoke some polarizing reactions from people these days.



A global TED event on climate change and what needs to be done over the next decade to slow its effects on the planet will be hosted by TEDxParkCity starting this weekend. Some heavy hitters are scheduled to speak over the three-day event.


If there is an upside to event after event going virtual during the COVID-19 pandemic, the ability to join in on things happening thousands of miles away from the comfort of your own home would have to be it.


On this episode of This Green Earth Walt Meier of the National Snow and Ice Data Center joins the show. He talks with Chris and Nell about the record amount of sea ice that has melted this past summer up in the Arctic Ocean, how close open water is to the North Pole and, the role climate change is playing in that annual event.     

National Weather Service

Local reservoirs are close to full and the spring run-off hasn’t begun. Snow falling in the mountains this time of year, according to experts, means the water projections look good for this summer.

Senior State Hydrologist Brian McInerny is wrapping up his 30-year career with the National Weather Service. He retires the end of this month. His plans are to ski and bike more and continue working with an academic climate change non-profit.  Earlier in his career, the subject of climate change was off limits.


The Park City Climate Fund was created following the Mountain Towns 2030 climate summit in October 2019, where dozens of representatives from government, businesses and nonprofits met to discuss solutions to the impacts of climate change. Ollie Wilder, community impact director at the Park City Community Foundation, says the foundation wanted to support organizations searching for answers.

Among the crowds of visitors, celebrities and volunteers, Sundance attendees may have noticed a curious character present during the festival. A snowman came to the festival with a message about climate change.

Wearing a foam snowman suit, complete with a black top hat and a fuzzy, red scarf, Steve Firkins spent every day of the Sundance Film Festival out on the street in downtown Park City. With a briefcase in hand and a sign that said “stop global warming” on one side and “save yourselves” on the other, Firkins hailed from Minnesota to pitch a movie.

courtesy of Summit County

During their first meeting of the year, the Summit County Council looked at two topics on the national stage.

They endorsed two separate Resolutions, dealing with climate change, and resettling refugees.

The Council has previously voted for a Resolution pledging to deal with the impacts of Climate Change.

Now, they’ve been approached by the state-wide Citizens Climate Lobby to support the Energy Initiative and Carbon Dividend Act, proposed in the U.S. Congress.

The Park City Community Foundation announced a new program to support innovative ideas for combating climate change. 

John Curtis

Utah Congressman John Curtis reflected on his experience as an elected official—both at the local and federal levels—when it comes to addressing climate change and environmental issues. 

Rep. John Curtis, a Republican from Utah’s third congressional district, expressed feeling a bit out of place at Park City’s Mountain Towns 2030 net-zero conference Thursday.

KPCW Radio

Renowned primatologist Dr. Jane Goodall addressed a sold-out Eccles Center Wednesday evening, as the keynote speaker for Park City’s Mountain Towns 2030 conference. 

What do chimpanzees have to do with climate change? Jane Goodall says the climate crisis has far-reaching impacts, including the drying of chimpanzees’ forest habitats.