Take part in the  Coalville Geocaching Challenge sponsored by the Coalville branch of the Summit County Library! Geocaching is as an outdoor treasure hunt using GPS on a smartphone to guide participants to hidden “treasures” known as geochaches. The challenge geocaches are for both adults and kids to get out and uncover interesting tidbits in Coalville history. The Coalville Geocache Challenge runs through August 18. Everyone who completes the challenge will be entered in a prize drawing for gift cards to local restaurants.

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Election season is officially underway as the candidate filing window has closed for municipal elections in Summit County. 


One of the biggest candidate turnouts was in Coalville, where 11 total candidates filed to run in the mayoral and city council races.


Three candidates have filed to replace outgoing Coalville mayor Trever Johnson: City councilor Tyler Rowser, Mark Marsh, and Lynn Wood, a resident who is known for her vocal opposition to the Wohali development. 


Coalville City

Echo Reservoir will be limited for recreationists this season not only due to the low water year but because of construction set to begin in July.


Park general manager Eric Bradshaw says the state park near Coalville is going to be a “paddleboard paradise.” As of last Friday, the water level in the reservoir was at 44%.


It’s not a year for big motorized watercraft. Bradshaw said the park will be hospitable to kayakers, fishermen and wave runners.



The Coalville City Council, meeting on Tuesday night, will continue to take public comment on and then consider approval of the next step in the Wohali development.


The Council will consider the Wohali development agreement for the Phase IA final subdivision plat and construction drawings. The meeting starts at 6 p.m., with access via Zoom and limited in-person seating.


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Utah is the fastest growing state in the nation, according to the most recent census results. That growth has extended to most corners of the state. One Summit County community took feedback on what residents are hoping the future of their city looks like. 




Coalville residents envision a future that’s small, rural and unified. That’s according to a survey done by the citizen run organization “I Love Coalville.”

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In the year 2021, the city of Coalville is moving forward with the Wohali project, after the Council’s vote for it at their meeting on Monday, Dec. 14.

As Rick Brough reports, city officials judged that the project met the plain language of their code, even while the proposal has provoked some heated emotions.

The City Council on Dec. 14 granted a Master Plan Development and a Phase One Preliminary Subdivision Plat approval. The vote approved a rural golf resort development with 125 residences and 303 nightly rentals. 

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Today on the Local News Hour, Leslie is joined by Park City Community Foundation Executive Director Katie Wright has details about the $1 million in grants awarded to Summit County nonprofits for Covid-19 assistance. Then, Coalville Mayor Trever Johnson has an update on the Wohali subdivision which was unanimously approved at Monday's city council meeting. And lastly, Park City Historic Alliance Executive Director Alison Kuhlow with an update from Tuesday's board meeting.

North Summit Fire District

The Utah Division of Natural Resources is investigating the cause of eight fires in Coalville at the beginning of the week.


The North Summit Fire District reported that on Monday and Tuesday, there were eight brush fires inside Coalville city limits, all within 24 hours of each other. Firefighters were able to put the fires out before extensive damage occurred.


All eight blazes are under investigation for arson.


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The Coalville City Council, at its July 13 session, heard arguments from both sides of the debate surrounding the controversial Wohali project but didn’t come to a decision on its second iteration.


The first version, calling for a rezone of the property west of Interstate 80, included a golf course, 570 residences and 130 nightly rentals. After the city approved it in December, residents opposed to it gathered enough signatures to put it to a referendum.


Summit County

The coronavirus was a major topic for a special meeting of the Council of Governments held on Tuesday, where attendees traded concerns about how they will enforce the county’s mandatory mask order.

On the positive side, they heard that the Oakley Rodeo went well, though it was scaled-down and COVID-conscious.


Among the comments during the COG meeting, Kamas Mayor Matt McCormick said he supports the mask order, given the number of people who come through Kamas. But he said it’s also frustrating for him and the town’s police force.

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The controversial Wohali project received an approval from Coalville City Council earlier this month.     Mayor Trever Johnson wasn’t required to cast a vote.

The Mayor tells KPCW it’s a very difficult issue, and he still isn’t sure what his decision would have been.

When the Coalville City Council held a public hearing and a vote on Wohali on Dec. 9th, the absence of one Council Member, due to a medical procedure, left four Council members with the decision.    And Mayor Johnson thought he might have to cast a tie-breaking vote.