Colby School

A ruling from Third District Court Friday came down in favor of the owners of the Colby School and their proposal for a bed and breakfast inn.

The decision from Judge Teresa Welch overruled Summit County’s decision to deny a conditional use permit to Hoffvest, the owner of the Colby property. 

The ruling sends the application back to the Snyderville Basin Planning Commission.


Judge Welch declared that the county’s denial was arbitrary, capricious and illegal.

It looks like the former Colby School property will be changing hands again soon. 


After striking out on two development proposals for what was originally the Snowed Inn Bed and Breakfast before it became the Colby School, the owners of the nearly six-acre parcel on State Route 224 put the property up for sale last month. 


This wasn’t a typical sale. The owners are using a method called a “call for offers,” which will allow them to review and work with the offers before selecting a buyer.



The owners of the Colby School have filed action in Summit County’s Third District Court, appealing the county’s decision against their request to develop the property as a bed and breakfast inn.  

The Snyderville Planning Commission, meeting on June 9th, had a lengthy discussion.   But they still haven’t arrived at a decision on the proposal  to convert the former Colby School building into a Bed and Breakfast.

They’re still struggling with a “threshold” issue—how the applicants will supply an ‘owner-occupied unit’ at the Inn.

As we’ve reported, the Snyderville Planning Commission is still working toward a decision about the proposal to revive the former Colby School/Snowed Inn site as a Bed and Breakfast inn.

The panel is pondering how the project can meet a legal condition that is essential for a Bed and Breakfast.

The owners of the Colby site want to renovate the building with eight guest rooms and a kitchen.   

The Snyderville Planning Commission Tuesday night did not come to a decision on the proposal to revive the Colby School building along Highway 224 as a Bed and Breakfast Inn.

In a Virtual public hearing, they heard from some critics of the proposal.     And after a lengthy discussion, they said they need more information about how the project will operate as an “owner-occupied” business.

The applicants are proposing to renovate the building known as the Colby School (and before that, the Snowed Inn) to accommodate eight guest rooms, one owner-occupied unit and a kitchen.

Summit County Councilmember Glenn Wrigt recaps Wednesday's County Council meeting. Snyderville Basin Planning Commission Chair Malena Stevens reveiws the ciscusison the commison had on the expansion of the Mountain Life Church and the propsed redevelopment of the Colby School. Pink Park City representatives Diane Tanner and Diane Johnson about the upcoming fundraiser to benefit the Huntsman Cancer Institute and Youth Sports Alliance Development Director Jana Dalton is joined by athlete Dalton Swallon - one of the recipients of the Stein Eriksen Endowment Scholarship Fund.

Summit County planners have received a new proposal for the Colby School site, seeking to re-establish it as a Bed n Breakfast.

County Development Director Pat Putt  said that an application for a residential project in South Summit is another new item that has come across his counter.

Putt said the application for the Colby School would set up eight guest rooms in the existing building—the maximum allowed by code—plus a managers unit.

The Summit Council Wednesday once again turned down the applicants of the Colby School Redevelopment project. Council Member  Roger Armstrong again maintained  that  careful analysis was behind their rejection of the plan this spring.   

In late March, the County Council granted an appeal from neighbors and voted against the Colby project. Soon after, the developers put in another application, but it was turned down by Development Director Pat Putt.

Summit County

Landowners who want to redevelop the Colby School site along state Highway 224 recently filed a lawsuit against Summit County challenging the county council’s April vote against the project, claiming the decision was motivated by a “not in my back yard” attitude. The suit also asserts that one council member should have recused himself from the vote, as Rick Brough explains:


The applicant of the repurposed Colby School development, Hoffvest LLC, issued a letter Monday demanding the Summit County Council postpone its scheduled decision Wednesday to rule on the appeal. The letter also asks the council to recuse itself from the matter altogether after meeting in what Hoffvest claims was an illegally closed session. Leslie Thatcher has the story:

Charges have been filed against a former part-time employee of the Heber Animal Shelter, alleging that he attempted to obtain sexual favors by offering to sign timesheets for two women who were working off their community service hours at the shelter.  Rick Brough brings us the story:

The Snyderville Planning Commission returned this week to consider the proposed expansion of the Colby School campus. Snyderville Chairman Canice Harte said to make a decision, they have to look at the history of the location. Rick Brough has more.

The Snyderville Planning Commission returned this week to consider the proposed expansion of the Colby School campus. But Snyderville Chairman Canice Harte said that in order to make a decision, they have to look at the history of the location. Rick Brough has more.

Fire District Orders Basin Property Vacated

Mar 19, 2017

Summit County officials were notified that a property on the east side of State Route 224 had dozens of seasonal workers living in the building.  It‘s formerly known as the Snowed Inn and more recently, The Colby School.  The Fire Department ordered the property be vacated by April 2nd.   Carolyn Murray has more: