County Manager Tom Fisher

Businesses around Park City and Summit County are in a re-opening phase.

But in the meantime, many residents are wondering what happens to mass gatherings or events in the next five or six months.

Summit County Manager Tom Fisher says, bottom line, they won’t happen.    Or if they do, you will see something very different.  

Fisher told KPCW that the county’s objective over the past two months has been to lessen the spread of the virus.   To do that, they’ve taken some major steps.        

Summit County

Summit County officials are looking at two trash-related problems, in different areas of the county.     County Manager Tom Fisher talked about burning going on in Brown’s Canyon; and the problems of garbage pickups in Silver Creek.   

Fisher said that in Brown’s Canyon, there are property owners that have county approval to operate quarries, carry out composting, store construction equipment, and other activities.

But he said that at least one owner is burning material, without a Conditional Use Permit to do so.        

Summit County has focused a lot on Sustainability, cleaner air, and efforts like an anti-idling ordinance.    Given that, we asked County Manager Tom Fisher this week about the regular fireworks show they have allowed at the Canyons.   

Fisher noted that he gave the approvals for the First Friday displays at the Canyons.

He said fireworks have long been a traditional event on holidays like the Fourth or Pioneer Day—barring any restrictions due to fire conditions.       

Summit County had a busy year in 2019.   County Manager Tom Fisher said he could talk about 20 accomplishments or projects that kept him busy.       

During the past year, the county approved a new Mental Health Services contract, with the University of Utah succeeding Valley Mental Health—an effort carried off by Council Members, their Health Department and citizens.