Park City Fire Department

  The Park City Fire District has vaccinated Park City firefighters and Summit County EMTs.

More than 97% of Park City firefighters have received their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. 

Ashley Lewis is the Administrative Battalion Chief for the district. He said everything with vaccine rollout came together quickly. 

  Utah has continued to ramp up COVID-19 testing without seeing a significant spike in cases.

The Utah Department of Health announced 2,742 new COVID-19 cases Thursday, which is over 1,800 less cases than the state saw at the same time last week.

The state saw an increase of 16,231 new tests administered. 

Summit County reported 55 new cases. Last Thursday Summit County set a new record of positive cases in a day with 76.




Summit County

The Summit County Public Health Department receives about 350 COVID-19 vaccines a week. That may change in the months ahead as more companies come online. But for now, there's a pecking order that will reflect state and CDC guidelines.

Last week nearly a third of all COVID-19 tests were coming back positive in Utah, this week percent positivity has started to decline.

The statewide 7-day rolling average for positive tests is nearing 28% which is down from Tuesday’s average.

Summit County’s seven-day average of positive laboratory tests is close to 27%, which is the highest the county has ever reported. And more than 32% of tests are coming back positive on average in Wasatch County. 


Wasatch Back teachers have started receiving COVID-19 vaccinations this week. Three Summit County school districts and the Wasatch County School District employees will also be in the queue to receive vaccinations over the next few weeks.

As Utah ramps up its COVID-19 testing, the state continues to see a decline after the holiday season spike in cases.

The Utah Department of Health announced 2,146 new COVID-19 cases Tuesday, which is almost 1,200 less cases than the state saw at the same time last week. 

After Summit County reported the second highest increase of 71 cases Monday, the county saw a dip in their upward trend when the health department reported 31 new cases Tuesday.


Park City High School and Treasure Mountain Middle School will go to remote learning starting Wednesday. On Monday, Park City High School reported 16 COVID-19 cases which exceeds the threshold of 15 cases per school facility. The number of active cases has triggered a shutdown of in-person learning.

New statewide COVID-19 cases were lower Monday, but cases in Summit County continue to spike. 

The Utah Department of Health announced 1,487 new COVID-19 cases Monday, which is almost 700 less cases than the state saw at the same time last week. However the state also administered over a quarter less tests. 



  COVID-19 numbers are still high throughout the state following the holiday last week.

The Utah Department of Health announced 2,276 new COVID-19 cases Sunday, which is over 450 more cases than the state saw last Sunday. 

Summit County’s case numbers have been spiking. In the past week the county saw two of it’s high single day case counts. On Sunday, the health department reported 55 new cases. In comparison, last Sunday they reported 11 new cases. 

Wasatch County reported 38 new cases. Last Sunday, the county saw 11. 

The Utah Department of Health reported just over 2,600 new statewide COVID-19 cases on Saturday.


Utah has seen its seven-day average of positive laboratory tests jump over 10% since the middle of December, but was afforded a brief respite in the surge on Saturday. After climbing to nearly 33% just after New Years, the average saw a slight decline on Saturday, now at 32.6%.


Utah Governor Spencer Cox promised faster vaccine distribution at his maiden COVID-19 briefing Friday.


Governor Cox inherited a full plate when he was sworn in as Utah’s 18th Governor earlier this week.


At his first COVID-19 briefing on Friday, he wasted no time expressing the urgency of the current situation.


Wasatch County Health Department

While Utah is still in Phase 1 of administering COVID-19 vaccines, many areas in the state are getting ready for larger vaccine distribution. And Wasatch County is no exception. 


The county health department has reported over 600 healthcare workers in the county have already been vaccinated. Jonelle Fitzgerald with the county health department said they’ve already set up tents for drive-thru vaccine distribution at the Wasatch County Events Complex. 

She said the county is getting about 200 doses a week, which - for now - are all going to caregivers. 

A new Wasatch County COVID-19 death was reported by the Utah Department of Health Thursday along with over 4,500 new statewide cases.


The Wasatch County death was reported as a woman over the age of 85, who was hospitalized at the time of her death. Wasatch County’s total COVID-19 death toll since the start of the pandemic is now 16.

Utah educators and school staff are likely to be given a bonus this year due to a legislative proposal.

Summit County saw another COVID-19 death Wednesday, as the county's numbers continue to spike.

Summit County saw a record high of 66 new COVID-19 cases, breaking the record they set last Thursday of 61 new cases in a day.


As case numbers continue to rise, Summit County also reported another COVID-19 death Wednesday. This is the sixth Summit County resident to die of COVID-19. The man was one of 18 new deaths reported in the state Wednesday. He was between 65-84 years old and was hospitalized when he died.