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Utah’s governor set a lofty COVID-19 vaccination goal with a July 4 deadline. However, it seems unlikely the state will hit its target in the next couple weeks. 

Utah has a goal of vaccinating 70% of all adults in the state with at least one shot by the 4th. However at his monthly press conference Thursday, Gov. Spencer Cox said the state is short of its goal by about 6%. 

He said the state would need to see a large surge in vaccinations, but it’s looking like that won’t happen. 

  Summit County Health Department is closing its mass vaccination site next week after three months of inoculating residents. But people can still get vaccines throughout the county. 

With more than 55 clinics under their belt, the health department is wrapping up mass vaccinations later this month. 

Summit County Health Department Director Rich Bullough said that’s because there isn’t as much demand, but the site met the needs of the county. 


COVID-19 vaccine supply has begun to outweigh the demand. That’s why Utah Governor Spencer Cox announced a new initiative to bring mobile vaccine clinics to community organizations. 

"And now we want to take this fight, we want to take it to the people, we want to make it as easy as possible, we want to take away any excuses for not being able to get the vaccine," Cox said.


 A COVID-19 vaccination clinic for high schoolers in Summit County drew out hundreds of students Monday. The county now has plans to move to more targeted vaccine clinics. 




Nearly 400 high school students got their first dose of the Pfizer vaccine at Park City High School Monday. The 16 and 17 year olds will be able to get their second dose at the follow-up clinic scheduled for May 10. 


 Just days after an anti-vaccine protest at Park City High School, the school hosted a vaccination clinic.

Any student in Summit County could go to Park City High School Monday to get a COVID-19 vaccin ation from the Summit County Health Department. Students had to be at least 16 years old, with parental or guardian consent to get the shot.

Friday, a small group of 5-6 adults distributed anti-vaccination flyers at the school for about an hour around noon.


In an effort to vaccinate Summit County’s eligible teenagers against COVID-19, there will be a vaccine clinic in front of the Park City High School all day Monday.




The Summit County Health Department will be outside of the Eccles Theater at Park City High School from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday. 

The health department will offer the Pfizer vaccine to all Summit County students 16 years or older. Students don’t need health insurance, as the vaccines will be free. 

Summit County

The FDA announced a pause on the Johnson and Johnson COVID-19 vaccine earlier this week after six women reported blood clots.

Of the more than 1.8 million vaccines administered in Utah, 77,000 were the J&J vaccine. As of Thursday, there have been no reported blood clots linked to the vaccine in the state. 

Summit County Health Department Director Rich Bullough said it’s likely the county's vaccine rollout won’t be affected by this pause. 


The Utah Department of Health is recommending vaccine providers pause administration of the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine. This pause comes after six women were diagnosed with a rare, treatable type of blood clots. 



Of the more than 6.8 million people who have received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine in the U.S., there have been six reported cases of blood clots. 

All six were women between 18 and 48 years old. Their symptoms occurred 6-13 days after being vaccinated. 

Cada Domingo - Edwin Espinel - 04-11-21

Apr 11, 2021

Now that COVID vaccines are available to the public for anyone 16 years or older, there is still much to do to ensure we reach herd immunity, and to provide access to the vaccine for the most vulnerable in our society. Edwin Espinel, Health Systems Specialist with the Utah Department of Health joins us to talk about the vaccine rollout, the importance of continued mask use, and much more.

Wasatch County Health Department

COVID-19 vaccine eligibility opened up to all Utahns 16 years-or-older last week. KPCW checked in with the Wasatch County Health Department to get the latest on the county’s vaccine rollout.

Almost 10,300 residents in Wasatch County have received their first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. 

Of the 15,680 vaccines delivered to the county, they have administered 16,187 doses, as of Saturday. Jonelle Fitzgerald with the county health department said that’s because the vaccine rollout has been going "very smoothly." 


All Utah adults will be eligible to get a COVID-19 vaccine on Wednesday.

Eligibility for all adults in Utah was supposed to open April 1, but Gov. Spencer Cox announced Thursday that everyone will be able to register a week ahead of schedule. 

This new eligibility will allow anyone over the age of 18 to get vaccinated and 16 and 17-year-olds will be able to get the Pfizer vaccine. 

Cox said the decision to expand access early came after talks with local health departments. 


As the COVID-19 vaccine rollout continues, many people are desperate to get their hands on doses, but one community has been showing some reluctance.




While not a problem unique to Utah, the Latino population in the state has received far less doses of the vaccine than the total amount administered. 

Eligible Latinos for the vaccine make up more than 13% of Utah’s population but have only received 4% of the more than one million doses administered in the state. 

Summit County Health Department

Summit County residents will now have access to the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine at the Park City Hospital in addition to the local health department.



With the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine officially online and an anticipated increase in shipments of both the Moderna and Pfiezer vaccines, the Utah Department of Health announced a partnership with the University of Utah Health, Intermountain Healthcare and Nomi Health. 

Utahns 65 and older are now eligible to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

Starting Thursday people 65-69 can get immunized from any vaccine provider, according to Utah Governor Spencer Cox. 

"We were scheduling to do this on March 1, but we are moving it up," he said. "So we always want demand to outpace supply. That's how we make sure that every vaccine is being used, that we always have vaccines in arms instead of on shelves."


As Utah continues with its vaccine rollout, the state is preparing for more shipments of doses.




If all goes according to plan, Utah Gov. Spencer Cox said - during his weekly COVID-19 briefing - all residents could be vaccinated within the next few months.