Dakota Pacific

Dakota Pacific

Tuesday night, the Snyderville Planning Commission voted 5-2 to advance a negative recommendation for the Dakota Pacific project at Kimball Junction, following several months of discussion with the developers and four public hearings this summer.


The negative recommendation, which now goes on to the County Council, was supported by Snyderville Commissioners Thomas Cooke, Ryan Dickey, Joel Fine, Canice Harte and John Kucera. Krystal Simons and Malena Stevens opposed the decision.


Dakota Pacific

After months of discussion, the Snyderville Planning Commission will convene in September to see if they are ready for a decision about the Dakota Pacific project at Kimball Junction.  

Snyderville Planning Commission Vice-Chair Thomas Cooke said the group has been studying sub-topics about the Dakota project before they come to an overall decision.

He said one topic they’ve studied for a long time is the affordable housing in the project, and whether it will be available to people who work up here.       

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( 37:50) Snyderville Basin Planning Commission Vice-Chair Thomas Cooke has a recap of Tuesday's meeting, including more discussion on the Dakota Pacific at Kimball Junction project.

The public is again being invited to give their opinions about the massive Dakota Pacific application proposed for Kimball Junction.

A former Summit County Commissioner is advising the citizens not to give up, but show up for the electronic meeting hosted Tuesday by the Snyderville Planning Commission. 

The applicants from Dakota Pacific are proposing a mixed commercial/residential neighborhood on the land where the Summit Research Park was approved for the Boyer Company in 2008.

The Snyderville Planning Commission, meeting in regular session on Tuesday, will resume a public hearing on the massive Dakota Pacific proposal at Kimball Junction.   That comes after public comments two weeks ago were postponed due to a technical snafu during the county’s electronic meeting.

The Planning Commission convenes Tuesday starting at 4:30, with Dakota Pacific as the first item on the agenda.

Dakota Pacific Real Estate


The Snyderville Planning Commission Tuesday night postponed a much-anticipated public hearing on the Dakota Pacific project after an oversight left the Zoom meeting capped at 100 participants – not enough for all members of the public who were interested to attend.


Rick Brough reports the Planning Commissioners and county staff deferred the item to their next scheduled meeting on Aug. 11.


On today's Local News Hour:

( 11:43) Director of Development for Dakota Pacific Jeff Gochner talks about their proposed mixed-use project at the site of the Tech Park at Kimball Junction and what they plan to present at the Tuesday Planning commission meeting

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Dakota Pacific

The Snyderville Planning Commission, hosting their first public hearing for the large Dakota Pacific proposal at Kimball Junction, heard from speakers mostly critical of the plan.

A number of them urged the Snyderville Commisisoners to recommend a denial.   They argued the project will accelerate growth in the  area, and said the county can do better with a large, important piece of property at the entryway to Park City.

Dakota Pacific Real Estate

Developers for the proposed Dakota Pacific mixed-use neighborhood at Kimball Junction hosted their second online Open House in recent weeks.

During the session on June 16th, they responded to questions about their workforce housing, impacts on traffic, and other items.

The Dakota plan is going to a public hearing next week before the Snyderville Planning Commission.

The Director of Development for Dakota, Jeff Gochnour, said the project is located on 60 acres.   The land was approved for the Boyer Tech Park in 2008.

Dakota Pacific

The public is invited to learn more about the plans for the property formerly known as the Park City Tech Park at Kimball Junction. The property owner, Dakota Pacific has a new website and one mor online open house scheduled for Tuesday afternoon.

The Zoom online open house is scheduled Tuesday afternoon, from 2 to 3:30 The property owner’s representative Jeff Gochnour says Dakota Pacific is a real estate investment firm and also has a development arm. It purchased the property in 2018.

Today on the Local News Hour

( 4:44 ) Jeff Gochnour, a Representative with Dakota Pacific, the property owner of the Tech Park property at Kimball Junction, has an update on their project on the Tech Park property, and will discuss their online Open House set for June 16th.

( 21.32 )Park City Education Association Co-President Julie Hooker responds to the news that teachers and district staff will receive no pay raises this year.

Dakota Pacific

The Dakota Pacific proposal is back on the schedule for the Snyderville Planning Commission.

And Summit County Development Director Pat Putt is hoping it will get to an electronic public hearing by June.  

The Boyer Tech Park development was approved by the county in 2008 for a total of nearly 1.3 million square feet.

Dakota Pacific acquired the land and came to the county last year with a mixed-neighborhood design up to 1.8 million square feet.

Summit County Community Development Director Pat Putt has an update on development projects, including the Dakota Pacific project at Kimball Junction. Park City Manager Matt Dias has a preview of the agenda for Thursday's city council meeting discussing how to make up next fiscal year's $8.6 million shortfall and Lori Hampton talks about a new Facebook page Adopt a Park City Senior 2020. 


The massive Dakota Pacific mixed use development will be back before the Snyderville Planning Commission Tuesday night when the commission will consider a revised plan that fits within the approved density.

Dakota Pacific

The Dakota Pacific Company had several work sessions last year with the Snyderville Planning Commission on their proposal to revise the Boyer Tech Park property at Kimball Junction.

County Development Director Pat Putt says Dakota could return soon to the county planners.   

Dakota is proposing to reconfigure the Boyer property as a mixed-use neighborhood with residential, retail, offices and public uses.

Putt said that last year, before the holidays, they asked Dakota representatives to come back and define the residential component of the project.