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Dakota Pacific Real Estate

Applicants seeking to build the Dakota Pacific residential and commercial development on the west side of Kimball Junction returned to the Summit County Council Wednesday for a two-hour discussion about project details.


County Councilor Doug Clyde says the current proposal is an improvement, compared to the unsuitable Tech Park approval given to the site over a dozen years ago.


Tom Fisher

The Dakota Pacific project proposed for Kimball Junction is returning to the agenda of the Summit County Council at their meeting Wednesday.

Summit County Manager Tom Fisher says the latest version of the project will include public amenities, but those would be developed by the County on its own land.   

The County Council is meeting electronically, and at the anchor location, the Richins Services Building.

Dakota Pacific

The Summit County Council will return next week to discussing the Dakota Pacific project at Kimball Junction.


Councilor Glenn Wright says it’s a potentially good project, but they’re not quite there yet.


In recent weeks, Wright has been in a sub-group looking at the sustainability features of the project.


Dakota Pacific Real Estate

In the coming weeks, the Summit County Council will continue to discuss the Dakota Pacific proposal at Kimball Junction.


But one Council Member says the county should be clear about one thing: the existing project approved on the property is bad news.


In fact, he said, it’s very similar to a large project that bedeviled Park City Municipal for decades.


Malena Stevens

For this week’s meeting with the Summit County Council, the applicants for the Dakota Pacific project at Kimball Junction went back to an earlier version of their plan.

Meanwhile, Council Member Glenn Wright said they need to find a better way to process the proposal.

Council Member Malena Stevens says they need to find a clear path forward, after the proposal has spent the last couple of years in limbo.   

The Council had a lenthy discussion at their February 24th meeting.  

Pat Putt

In his recent interview with KPCW, Summit County Development Director Pat Putt discussed two major projects they’re busy with, on each side of the county.

In Snyderville, analysis is continuing on the proposed Dakota Pacific plan at Kimball Junction.

Meanwhile, the East Side Planning Commisison is busy working on Code regulations to address trailers or RV’s on single-family lots.  

Summit County

It looks like the Summit County Council will be busy over the next several weeks with the Dakota Pacific project at Kimball Junction. They will be taking a deep dive into the major items involved in a revised development agreement for the property.


However, Councilor Chris Robinson recused himself from the Dakota discussion over three months ago. But during Wednesday’s Council session, his colleagues said he should be part of their decision.


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The Summit County Council started off 2021 with, perhaps, one of the most important public hearings they will host this year.

Before that, an applicant for Dakota Pacific, a proposed residential/commercial/office center at Kimball Junction, told us that the plan is in the right place at the right time.   

On Wednesday, we talked to Jeff Gochnour, Development Director for Dakota Pacific.

His company’s project will change the approval given for the Boyer Tech Park, in favor of  a new plan with 1.3 million square feet, not including workforce housing.


The Summit County Council Wednesday night heard from the public for the first time on the large Dakota Pacific residential/commercial plan proposed for Kimball Junction.

The Council didn’t make a decision after a meeting that ran for over three hours.    The speakers who attended the meeting, via Zoom, were about evenly divided between opposition and support for the plan proposing some 1.3 million square feet and including 1100 residential units.

The Council heard from over 25 citizens during the hearing.

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Pat Putt

Summit County’s planning staff have received a flurry of new requests in recent weeks—in particular, coming with the New Year.

County Development Director Pat Putt says they have received an application, from Dakota Pacific, for a Use under the current approval for a Tech Park at Kimball Junction.

That is coming even while Dakota Pacific’s proposal to revise the entire property to a residential/commercial neighborhood is going to a public hearing before the Summit County Council this week.        

The Boyer Tech Park was approved about 12 years ago.  

Roger Armstrong and his colleagues on the Summit County Council were introduced Wednesday to the Dakota Pacific project.     While a number of aspects are attractive, Armstrong says that items like traffic impacts and affordable housing have to be studied.  

Armstrong sat on the Blue Ribbon Task Force that drew up the Kimball Junction Master Plan.    He said it looks like Dakota Pacific has addressed several of the issues in that plan.        

Summit County

On Wednesday, before the Summit County Council sat down for their first discussion on the Dakota Pacific proposal, a Council Member announced that he needed to recuse himself.

Council Member Chris Robinson apologized, but said he came to the conclusion that he had to exclude himself from the item.

He said that he has known three of the Dakota principals for 20 years in circles related to politics, religion, the Olympics, philanthropy and late last year, the discussion of a possible business relationship.      

Summit County

Members of the Summit County Council Wednesday took their first deep dive into the Dakota Pacific development planned for Kimball Junction.   Council Members had some initial thoughts about items such as affordable housing, traffic and benefits to the community.

Dakota Pacific bought the 58-acre site in 2018, about a decade after the Boyer Company’s Research Park was approved there.   

The new proposal is for nearly 1.3 million square feet and 1100 units of residential.