Dave Eskelsen

Wasatch County

Rocky Mountain Power Company and the municipal power company, Heber Light and Power, are evaluating the feasibility of burying new high power lines through the Heber Valley. The community has expressed opposition to the original plan which would run the 100 foot power poles through sensitive view corridors. Rocky Mountain Power would pay for the costs of installing above ground lines but the Heber Valley Community would have to pay for the difference in costs to bury them.   Carolyn Murray has this:

More Wind Power Blowing This Way

Jul 25, 2018
Rocky Mountain Power

Rocky Mountain Power has major wind and transmission expansion plans that include new farms and updating existing systems in Wyoming.  Currently the state of Utah still gets most of its power from coal burning plants. Park City and Summit County have plans to be net zero over the next 15 years. Rocky Mountain Power continues to work on strategies to help the City and County reach their goals. Carolyn Murray has this:

On today’s program, Dave Eskelsen, Spokesman for Rocky Mountain Power and PacifiCorp discusses the company's wind power projects and has an update on the Heber Valley power line controversy. UDOT Traveler Information Manager Lisa Miller has details on the bridge closure on I-80 at Tollgate and Promontory exit.