Deer Creek Reservoir

Water Is High But Not To Flood Stage

Jun 10, 2019
Provo River Water Users Association

The snow run-off is expected to increase through the week. However, flood bulletins are not issued unless property damage accompanies the high water. Last week a canal in the Ranch Place neighborhood was overflowing a culvert and running into Cutter Lane. It was not a flood designation because the water flowed into a storm drain on the street.

Utah Highway Patrol

A tanker truck carrying butane crashed into Deer Creek Reservoir last week, Wasatch County officials say that the cleanup is nearly complete.

On Tuesday, May 28th, a tanker truck hauling butane was traveling towards Provo Canyon on route 189. The truck drove past the Charleston turnoff and missed the upcoming corner due to high speeds. The truck then crashed into Deer Creek Reservoir. No one was injured in the crash, but crews immediately went to work to get the truck out of the lake and cleanup the water.

Wasatch County Fire

Traffic and safety concerns were top of mind Tuesday afternoon in the Heber Valley, when a tanker truck hauling butane crashed into Deer Creek Reservoir.

The tanker truck was traveling from Heber City towards Provo Canyon when it passed Charleston Road. Wasatch County Fire Department Public Information Officer Janet Carson said the truck was going a bit too fast for the upcoming turn.

Utah Highway Patrol

The truck hauling butane has crashed into Deer Creek Reservoir.

The truck went into the lake near where Charleston Road meets US 189. Utah Highway Patrol reports that the driver is uninjured

Wasatch County Fire hazmat unit is on hand for cleanup and containment.

Courtesy Utah Highway Patrol

  A motorcyclist crashed into a parked truck on state route 189 Sunday evening. 

According to the Utah Highway Patrol the cyclist was driving southbound around 7:30 pm near Deer Creek Reservoir when they lost control and crashed into two parked trucks located on a pullout to the right. 

The rider was thrown from the motorcycle and became pinned under the second truck.

Travelers in the area stopped and helped lift the truck off of the rider. Troopers then initiated CPR. 

UtahFireInfo Twitter

Deer Creek Fire has burned 381 acres and is 20% contained.

The fire is located south of the Deer Creek Dam up Provo Canyon.

Public Information Officer Leann Fox says the fire started around noon on Wednesday and raced up the hill side.

“It was driven by weather and terrain, they got air resources on it very quickly. Then later some thunder clouds moved in and put quite a bit of moisture on the fire, it really helped the situation out.”

The rain storm started around 4:00 pm, after the rain fall crews went back out to continue working.

Quagga Mussels Cleared From Deer Creek Reservoir

Jan 11, 2018
Utah State Park

After a three-year effort on the part of the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, Quagga mussels are no longer found in Deer Creek reservoir.  This means vessels coming off of the reservoir no longer have to be inspected, drained and decontaminated. Carolyn Murray has this report:

Ken Lund on Flickr

An Illinois man drowned in Deer Creek Reservoir this weekend when his kayak overturned. His wife, who was with him, was rescued by other recreationists in the area. Rick Brough has more.

Utah County Sheriff's Office

Video of a dog rescue on Deer Creek Reservoir has captured a lot of attention in the past week.  It was a happy ending not only for the dog, but also personnel at Deer Creek State Park.  KPCW's Renai Bodley explains:

Here's a link to video of Sadie's rescue.

Here's a link to the Paws for Life website.  

Division of Wildlife Resources

Some unwanted aquatic life has been discovered in Deer Creek Reservoir - the Quagga Mussel. For now, State wildlife officials will watch and wait, but they are requiring all boats and personal watercraft entering Deer Creek to be contaminated. Leslie Thatcher has more.

Nearly 700 turkeys destined for the deep freeze met their fate early by drowning in Deer Creek Reservoir Thursday morning after a semi-truck hauling them missed a curve on Provo Canyon highway. KPCW's Leslie Thatcher has details.