Deer Valley

On today's Local News Hour:

( 02:36) Rick Brough's update on Summit County Council's public hearing from Wednesday night.

( 06:44) Summit County Council Member Glenn Wright recaps Wednesday's meeting.

( 22:37) Head of Advocacy for SIA Chris Steinkamp and Park City Municipal Environmental Sustainability Manager Luke Cartin have details about Mountain Towns 2030.

( 37:32) Deer Valley Senior Communications Manager Emily Summers has details on the return of the Deer Valley Concert Series and a summer preview.

Deer Valley Resort

Deer Valley made the official announcement Monday - major changes are coming to Snow Park Lodge. The resort plans to improve the Snow Park base area, starting next year.  





Deer Valley Resort

As KPCW has reported, Deer Valley is currently in the concept phase of the process to develop their Snow Park base area into a modern resort village. No plans have been released yet, but Deer Valley has shared some of what they are looking to accomplish.


On today's Local News Hour:

( 00:02) Utah Avalanche Forecast Center report.

( 01:59) Hideout prepares for June 22 referendum on the annexation of Summit County landfrom at last night's meeting as Rick Brough reports. 

( 04:24) Summit County Economic Development Director Jeff Jones with an update on the Economic Development Advisory Board.

On today's Local News Hour:

( 00:02) Utah Avalanche Forecast Center report.

( 01:03) Summit County Council Member Doug Clyde recaps Wednesday's meeting.

( 14:32) Deer Valley eyes future snow park base improvements and possible Mayflower Cooperation as Sean Higgins reports.

(17:51) Snyderville Planning Commission Chairman Thomas Cooke has an update Tuesday's meeting.

Deer Valley Ski Resort

Leadership Park City hosted Deer Valley and Alterra Mountain Company Executives at Monday’s annual Community Leadership Lecture. The public got a glimpse into what might be in store for the resort in the coming years. KPCW’s Sean Higgins has more. 


Deer Valley President Jeremy Levitt said although he took over at the helm of the resort amid the COVID-19 pandemic and on the eve of the most challenging winter in the resort’s history, he’s still eyeing ways to invest and improve the resort over the next five years.


Courtesy of Deer Valley

Deer Valley Resort recently updated its uphill and mountain access policies in response to the increased number of backcountry skiers in the area in recent years.


It’s safe to say it’s common knowledge in the skiing and riding community to never duck a rope or ignore a ‘closed’ sign when you’re at a resort.


 Deer Valley has never allowed uphill traffic or backcountry access within their resort boundaries. In response to issues they’ve had with backcountry skiers they’ve recently added language to clarify the prohibition on any uphill traffic inside the resort.Deer Valley Senior Communications Manager Emily Summers said in an email to KPCW it’s against the law for any skier to enter a closed area within the resort boundaries.

On today's Local News Hour:

(05:20) Park City School Board President Erin Grady and Business Administrator Todd Hauber talk about the consent agenda approval of the MOCA contract and plans for a bond initiative for 2021.

(21:34) U. S. Ski and Snowboard Update with Communications Manager Lara Carlton.

(36:29) Tech Executive, Motivational Speaker and Author Chad Foster talks about his day on the slopes of Deer Valley with the National Ability Center and NAC Program/Education Director Tracy Meier has details on the 32nd annual Huntsman Cup. 

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A man died at Deer Valley Friday afternoon.

The 78-year-old man from Costa Mesa, California died around 3 p.m. Friday, according to the Park City Police Department. 

The man was riding the Carpenter Lift when he lost consciousness. Once at the top of the lift, he was immediately treated. 

Despite CPR and other interventions, the man couldn’t be resuscitated. 

PCMR / pcmr

With the first big holiday block out of the way in Park City, area resorts took note of what worked and what didn’t during a pandemic in the middle of the busiest time of year. 


If the traffic in and out of Park City over the holidays was any indication, the COVID-19 pandemic did little to deter visitors from coming to town.


To further complicate things, an uncharacteristically dry start to winter has limited new terrain openings at both Park City Mountain Resort and Deer Valley.



When Deer Valley’s former president, Todd Shallan, announced that he was leaving, Alterra Mountain Company tapped Jeremy Levitt as his replacement. While Levitt has given up deep powder skiing in Canada for groomed runs in Utah, he says with two young children, it was important to be close to family.

Before coming to Deer Valley, Levitt served as the president of CHM Heli-Skiing & Summer Adventures, also owned by Alterra.  He said his previous work prepared him for his new position. 


On today's Local News Hour:

( 00:32 ) New Deer Valley President and COO Jeremy Leavitt talks about his new job and where he takes it.

( 14:31) Local Author Maya Silver talks about on new guide book Moon Salt Lake, Park City & the Wasatch Range: Local Spots, Getaway Ideas, Hiking & Skiing (Travel Guide).

( 23:38) Open Snow Forecaster Evan Thayer talks about how this subscription service works and what they provide.

Deer Valley Resort

Deer Valley Resort is in the early stages of applying to Park City to redesign the parking areas at the Snow Park base. If approved, Park City could have three massive development projects happening at the same time.

With Park City Mountain Resort’s base development project slowly making its way through the planning commission and the Arts and Culture District set for thorough discussions this week with city council, a third major project could make its way onto the agenda.

Courtesy of Deer Valley

In an effort to keep both their staff and skiing guests safe, Deer Valley Resort lowered its capacity limits for the entire season and is constantly reviewing its season pass visitation forecast and pre-sold daily lift tickets against the new limits. As a result, the resort has stopped the sale of season passes and daily lift tickets until after the new year.

Due to the increase in Deer Valley season pass sales, the resort announced Friday that it made the difficult decision to place the sale of  season passes on hold until they can reassess their on-mountain capacities.