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A tobacco shop at Kimball Junction has sued Summit County since the county has denied it a permit to sell flavored e-cigarette products. The business was unsuccessful at a recent Third District Court hearing in getting a temporary restraining order against the county.


The lawsuit was filed by BSM Enterprises, which is operating as Park City Vapor Company, in a location south and west of Smith’s Grocery.



House Bill 58 is one of many bills trying to reduce the use of e-cigarettes and vaping among Utah youth.


Summit County Health Department

The Summit County Board of Health voted in September to restrict the number of shops that sell tobacco products, based on population. Summit County Health Department Director Rich Bullough says the policy was particularly meant to address young people’s use of e-cigarettes and vaping.


E-Cigarette Use By Adolescents Has Doubled

Nov 30, 2018
Summit County Health Department

A state survey shows a dramatic drop in Utah Teens smoking traditional cigarettes. However, the use of e cigarette products by youth has had an upswing. Summit County health officials are concerned about the effects these chemicals may have on people long term. Carolyn Murray has this: