Summit County

The proposal for a Summit County wind farm located near the Wyoming border made its first appearance before the East County Planning Commission last week.

Planning Commissioners had questions and pointed out areas that have to be addressed, but generally, they were open to looking to the project and thought the location was appropriate.

The project known as Echo Divide Wind would be located about seven miles west of Evanston near Interstate 80.

Mark Miller

Considered one of the world's largest locomotives, the recently refurbished Engine No. 4014 made a stop in Echo Wednesday morning, on its way to Union Square in Ogden as part of the Spike 150 celebration - recogonizing the 150 anniversary of the completion of the transcontinental railroad.

Mark Miller

A big crowd of train fans, residents, and those just curious about what it was all about – lined up and down the railroad tracks in Echo Wednesday morning to celebrate 150 years of one of America’s most iconic accomplishments – the construction of 1,700 miles of rail line completing the country’s first transcontinental railroad. KPCW’s Leslie Thatcher was on hand for the 15 minutes whistle-stop at Echo and files this report.