Eddie Juarez

Cada Domingo - Ortega the Omega

Sep 20, 2020

We spend the hour with local Rap artist Ortega the Omega, we chat about his inspiration and career, how he defines success, and listen to some of his music, including a track he recorded with one of his sons, to whom he dedicated  the track. Thank you to Eddie Juarez

Pasamos la hora con artista local de Rap Ortega the Omega, hablamos de su inspiración y su carrera, de como el defíne el éxito, y escuchámos algo de su musica, incluyendo una rola que grabó con uno de sus hijos, a quién dedicó esa rola. Gracias a Eddie Juarez

Cada Domingo - Reph - Mexican Rap Artist

Sep 7, 2020

Sonora-born Mexian rap Artist Reph joins us to talk about his work, his inspiration, and to share some of his work. We chat about his career, the challenges, the wins, the losses, and his determination to meet his vision for success in the business.

Artista Mexicano nacido en Sonora Reph nos acompaña para hablar de su trabajo, su inspiracion, y para compartir algo de su trabajo. Charlamos de su carrera, los retos, las victorias, las pérdidas, y de su determinación a su visión para éxito en el negocio.

Cada Domingo - Chuy Arriaga "El Padrino"

Aug 9, 2020

With over 25 years of experience, Mexican Ska group Inspector has enjoyed a prolific career and the chance to colaborate with some of the most prolific musicians in Mexico including members from Café Tacuba, Maldita Vecindad, and many more. El Padrino Chuy Arriaga, founding member and saxophonist joins us to talk about the band's history, their inspiration, and the ways the band has had to adapt to the new reality.

July 26, 2020

Mexican Rock Group Genitallica has been defying genres for over 20 years. The group is working on a compilation of hits from the last 20 years. We spend the hour chatting with Beno, Genitallica member about their start, their musical fusion, and hear some of their music. Thanks to Eddie Juarez.

Cada Domingo - Nena Guzmán

Jun 28, 2020

Eddie Juarez invites singer Nena Guzmán, known as the Queen of the Corrido. We spend the hour discussing her carreer, we listen to some of her singles, and we touch on many subjects such as feminism, the importance of having healthy relationships and the ability to trust in our partner.

Eddie Juarez invita a la cantante Nena Guzmán, conocida como la Reina del Corrido. Pasámos la hora hablando de su carrera, escuchamos algunos de sus sencillos, y tocamos muchos temas como el feminismo, la importancia de tener relaciones saludables y el poder confiar en nuestra pareja. 

Cada Domingo - Gala Montes & Giaco

Jun 14, 2020

Gala Montes is a Mexican actress and singer who has appeared in television, movies and theater in Mexico including roles in shows like La Niñera and the movie De Día y de Noche. Gala  and Giaco join us to talk about their new single launched on June 26, 2020. We also discuss social issues, the ways the COVID-19 crisis has affected the lives of artists, and much more.

Cada Domingo - Musical guest Pato Machete

Mar 15, 2020

Cada Domingo - Big Metra & Big Freeze

Mar 1, 2020

Eddie Juarez is a music promoter in Salt Lake City, with a focus on the Urban genre of music. He invites Big Metra and Big Freeze back to the studio from Mexico City at the end of their local tour. We spend the hour chatting with the artists about their music, their experience, and hear some of their new tracks.

Cada Domingo - Musical guest I.C.

Feb 24, 2020

Eddie Juarez continues scouting upcoming talent. Eddie brings upcoming singer I.C.
We chat with her about her ucoming projects, her long-term goals, and hear her sing live.

Eddie Juarez continua buscando talento nuevo. Eddie nos trae a la cantante I.C. 
Charlamos con ella de sus proyectos vigentes, sus planes de largo plazo, y la escuchamos cantar en vivo.

Cada Domingo - Musical guests YBC

Feb 23, 2020

Eddie Juarez, a music promoter in Salt Lake City shifts his focus to new and upcoming talent. He invites YBC to the show, where we discuss their influences, goals, and upcoming projects, and listen to some of their work.

Eddie Juarez, un promotor de musica en Salt Lake City cambia su enfoque al talento nuevo y proximo.  
El invita a YBC al programa, donde hablamos de las influencias del grupo, sus metas, y proyectos vigentes, y escuchamos algo de su trabajo.


Cada Domingo - Musical guest Kriska

Feb 3, 2020

Colombian rapper Kriska identifies as the "New School" of rap. SLC Music Promoter Eddie Juarea invites Kriska to chat about his experiences, his influences, and upcoming projects. We also hear his track "Resurrección" from his new album.

Rappero Colombiano Kriska se auto-identifica como "New School" del rap. Promotor de musica de SLC Eddie Juarez invita a Kriska para hablar de sus experiencias, sus influencias, y proyectos vigentes. También escuchamos la rola "Resurrección" de su nuevo album.

The organization La Familia Ayara started in Colombia with the aim to empower and promote the rights of youth using Hip Hop. The organization has developed multiple programs and projects including books, recordings, and a limited-production board game promoting positive messages through Hip Hop.  We spend the hour with César Aguilar, A.K.A Kasar Krac and chat about the organization's origins, their mission, hear some of the music produced by colaborating artists under the La Familia Ayara's banner, and their plans for the U.S.

Cada Domingo - Metaflow Music

Dec 1, 2019

Salt Lake City music promoter Esmirna Campos invites Brito, Jim- Y, Eleven and Oshuar of Metaflow_Music. Originally from Salvador and Puerto Rico, these artists have launched their musical career in Salt Lake City's Hip Hop scene with their flavor of Latin Reggaeton, adding to the diverse musical culture in Utah. We hear from groupmembers, their experiences, and sample some of their tracks

Cada Domingo - Rap Duo FoCy, Focus & Cylis

Nov 24, 2019

Salt Lake's Rap and Hip Hop community is huge. SLC Music Promotors Eddie Juarez and Esmirna Campos invite SLC's rap duo FoCy, consisting of Young Focus & Cylis de Luna join us in studio to discuss their tracks, particularly "Take a Second" which critizises police brutality and the detention policies by ICE (Immigrations Customs Enforcement). 

Cada Domingo - Musical guest Zac Ivies

Oct 13, 2019

We chat with Eddie Juarez, SLC Music Promotor and  with musical guests Zac Ivie & DJ Baloo about their inspiration, origins, possible collaborations, and future plans. We also sample some of their tracks

Hablamos con los artistas de su inspiración, sus origenes, posibles colaboraciones, y planes futuros. También escuchamos algunas de sus rolas.