Eddie Juarez

Cada Domingo - Epik Jimenez - 05-23-21

May 23, 2021

Mexican Ska band The Big Browns has been at the forefront of the thriving Ska scene in Mexico for some time now. Bandmember Epik Jimenez joins us to talk about the history of Ska from its origins in Jamaica in the 1950's, to the Californian resurgence in the 1990's to its recent popularity in Mexico, dubbed The Ska Capital of the World. We spend the hour chatting with Epik about the band's origins, their influences, and hear some of their music.


Cada Domingo - Alex Durán - 05-09-21

May 10, 2021

Alex Durán has enjoyed success as an actor and is featured in the successful Netflix series El Dragón in México, and now is entering the world of Urban music. We spend the hour with the artist about his musical style, his work, and experiences. We also listen to some of his recently-released tracks.

Cada Domingo - Eddie Juarez - 05-02-21

May 3, 2021

SLC Music Producer Eddie Juarez joins us to talk about singer/songwriter Dalia Haro, we hear some of her music, and despite not being able to connect with the artist due to technical difficulties, we spend the hour talking about Eddie's work, the inspiration behind it, including not taking a fee for promoting up and coming artists, and much more.

Cada Domingo - Bella Dose - 03-21-21

Mar 21, 2021

Bella Dose is the world's first bilingual Latin girl group. All members sing, dance, and write their own songs in English and Spanish.  We spend the hour chatting with groupmembers Melany, Briana, Thais and Jenni and chat about their ambitions, their career, how they came together, and hear some of their songs.

Cada Domingo - Sandra Itzel - 03-14-21

Mar 14, 2021

Starting with her beginning in acting with roles like Mayrita in the TV Soap "Gata Salvaje"and Alma Duran in "Cielo Rojo", Sandra Itzel has had a standout carrer throughout her life. Now, as a vocalist with the legendary group La Sonora Dinamita, Sandra continues her musical career with one of the musical groups most recongized worldwide. We spend the hour chatting with Sandra about her carreer, her inspirations and we listen to some music.

Cada Domingo - Zaky Fire - 02-14-21

Feb 14, 2021

Starting a musical career can be difficult, and predicting the future is impossible. Urban rapper Zaky Fire decided to launch his career in 2019, months before the first cases of COVID-19 emerged. This forced the artist to find new ways to gain exposure. Zaky Fire joins us from Mexico to talk about his career, the many challenges he has faced, we hear some of his music, and much more. Thank you to Eddie Juarez for organizing this interview.

Cada Domingo - Kirby Gomez 02-07-21

Feb 7, 2021

Up and coming Urban Singer Kirby Gomez joins us to talk about his career, his process, and we hear some of his music. Thanks to Eddie Juarez for the interview

El joven cantante Urbano Kirby Gomez nos acompaña para hablar de su carrera, su proceso, y escuchamos algo de su musica. Gracias a Eddie Juarez por la entrevista.

Cada Domingo - Madame Kubah of Northsiders MX - 01-24-21

Jan 25, 2021

Monterrey-based Rap group Northsiders MX return to the music world after a years-long hiatus. Madame Kubah, Northsiders MX member, and voice for the project Historias del Reino joins us to talk about the history of the group, their focus on political commentary while avoiding glorifying drug culture or gun violence due to the prominent role these aspects play in the region, and we hear some of their music, including a newly-released single.

Cada Domingo - Gala Montes 01-17-21

Jan 17, 2021

We welcome back Gala Montes on Cada Domingo. Gala returns to debut on Cada Domingo the World-Premier of her new single La Oportunidad. We spend the hour chating with the singer and actress about her career, and hear some of her music, including her new single. 

Le damos la bienvenida de nuevo a Gala Montes en Cada Domingo. Gala regresa para el debút en Cada Domingo de la Primicia Mundial de su nuevo sencillo La Oportunidad. Pasámos la hora hablando con la cantante y actriz de su carrera, y escuchamos algo de su musica, incluyendo su nuevo sencillo.

Cada Domingo - Making el de la Batuta - 01-10-21

Jan 10, 2021

Mexican Raeggeton is gaining more recognition worldwide, and Making is one of those in the midst of this growth with this musical sub-genre. Making joins us to talk about his career spanning the last 11 years, some of the changes he has seen, the state of collaborations within the Mexican Reaggeton world, and we hear some of his work.

Cada Domingo - Santa Fe Klan - 01-03-2021

Jan 3, 2021

Guanajuato Rap Artist Santa Fe joins us to talk about his career, his focus, and his experiences, starting his musical career from a young age. We also listen to some of his work. Thanks to Eddie Juarez!

Artista de Rap de Guanajuato Santa Fe nos acompaña para hablar de su carrera, su enfoque, y sus experiencias, empezando su carrera musical de una temprana edad. También escuchamos algo de su trabajo. Gracias a Eddie Juarez!

Cada Domingo - Omar Sainz, Nunca Jamas - 12-06-20

Dec 6, 2020

There are many genre fusions within Rock, but Nunca Jamas, with their Agricultural Rock have created a unique sound and style. Bandmember Omar Sainz joins us to discuss his group's unique blend of Sonoran Regional music, Rock, and classic Norteña music, tells us about the history of the group, their challenges during the pandemic and beyond, and we listen to some of their music.

Cada Domingo - Toño Lirán Liran' Roll - 11-22-20

Nov 29, 2020

Due to technical issues we were not able to devote the time we wanted to the last time we chatted with Toño Lirán from Liran' Roll, a Mexican rock band with a carreer spanning over 25 years. We invite Toño back on the show to resume the chat, we discuss the band's history, their collaborations with other leaders of the genre, and we hear some of their classic tracks. 

Cada Domingo - Angie G

Nov 15, 2020

In his quest to bring new talent, Eddie Juarez invites Angie G, a local Rap/Trap/Hip-Hop artist to the show. We spend the hour talking about her career, and the experiences that have contributed to her work, we sample some of her songs,and we address some of the challenges of launching a musical career in the midst of a worldwide pandemic. Thank you to Eddie Juarez for facilitating the interview.

Cada Domingo - Hadrian - Mexican Rap artist

Sep 27, 2020

We spend the hour with Mexican rap artist Hadrian, and we chat about his experiences, his work, and the style of his work, a blending of traditional "Corridos" and rap/trap creating a unique sound and style.

Pasámos la hora con el artista de Rap Mexicano Hadrian, y hablamos de sus experiencias, su trabajo, y el estilo de su musica, una combinación de los corridos tradicionales y el rap/trap creando un estilo y sonido único.