Elk Hunt

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Six dead elk were discovered in the Snyderville Basin area near Bitner Road. Most of the elk were found by a Division of Wildlife Resources Officer while making a routine trip to observe the herd.

Utah DWR Conservation Officer Jonathan Moser says five of the six dead elk appear to have been shot by a 22-caliber bullet. He says it is an inappropriate weapon to use on an animal the size of an elk and it results in a long, painful death.


An elk was injured on SR 224 in the early hours of Thursday morning, the first day of the Sundance Film Festival. Sheriff’s reports indicate it happened near St. Mary’s Catholic Church. The vehicle left the scene and did not report the collision. The animal was hurt badly and was euthanized by a Utah Highway Patrol officer.

Summit County Sheriff’s Lieutenant Andrew Wright says the dispatch log shows reports of an injured elk on SR 224 near the catholic church trying to cross the highway.

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As reported earlier this month, two cow elk were shot and killed in the city-owned Round Valley open space the last weekend in December. Park City Police and the Division of Wildlife Resources have determined both incidents occurred on city property.

Utah Division of Wildlife Resources-DWR

Two cow elk were shot over the weekend in Round Valley. The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources confirms there is a cow elk hunt underway through the end of January, but it remains unclear if the people who killed them will be charged under the DWR's jurisdiction.