Friday Film Review

Tom Hanks saddles up, in a new movie that’s familiar, but also heartwarming.    Rick Brough has the low-down, for this week’s Friday Film Review.

Tom Hanks hasn’t played a Western character before.   (We’re not counting Sheriff Woody.)

But despite the historic setting, “News of the World” is another tale with Hanks as a hero, in his modest, unassuming way, holding out for decency and civilization.


  The documentary, “Street Gang; How We Got To Sesame Street” premiered at Virtual Sundance 2021 and is being released in theatres April 23. Here’s Barb Bretz with your Friday Film Review.


Directed by Marilyn Agrelo (“Mad Hot Ballroom”) and inspired by Michael Davis’ New York Times bestseller, this documentary chronicles the birth and evolution of the beloved children’s program Sesame Street.

Friday Film Review--"Thunder Force"

Apr 16, 2021

The Blockbuster Superhero Movie deserves a good spoof.    But Mark Harrington, with this week’s Friday Film Review, says—you’ll have to keep waiting.  

A little-known episode in recent American history is the subject of a new biopic.    Libby Wadman has the details for this week’s Friday Film Review.

Director Lee Daniels, perhaps best known for “The Butler” and his Oscar award winning film, “Precious”, has returned with a fascinating biopic,”The United States vs Billie Holiday” based on Johann Hari’s book, “Chasing the Scream”.

Friday Film Review--"Sound Of Metal"

Apr 2, 2021

The list of Academy Award Best Picture nominees is long this year, with eight films to choose from.    But Linda Jager, with the Friday Film Review, has singled out her favorite.     

A darkhorse contender for the 2021 Oscars, "Sound of Metal" is easy to overlook in the field of 8 Best Picture nominees.

I hadn’t heard much about the film before I streamed it at home last weekend, but that’s precisely what drew me in.

Rick Brough, who has this week’s Friday Film Review, looks back on a bygone era depicted in the documentary, “The Last Blockbuster.”      

Today, they’re on the verge of extinction.   But once, not long ago, they thrived in numbers too vast to be counted.

Am I talking about polar bears?   Buffalo?  Bigfoot?    No, I mean your neighborhood video store.

A new film directed by Taylor Morden looks at a store in Bend, Oregon, which in 2018 became the last Blockbuster on the planet—that, after a few ragged survivors in Alaska closed.


So many stories making up the history in our country have remained untold or mistold for decades. Much can be learned from "Judas and the Black Messiah", Academy Award nominee for Best Picture. Here’s Barb Bretz with your Friday Film Review.


Writer/director Shaka King, introduced "Judas and the Black Messiah", to Sundance audiences warning the tragic story would be difficult to watch. He hoped it would bring viewers inspiration and worthwhile information. He was correct on all counts.


Friday Film Review--"Coming 2 America"

Mar 15, 2021

A popular Eighties comedy has finally produced a sequel—32 years later.

In this week’s Friday Film Review, Mark Harrington sizes up the new film—and says, it wasn’t worth the wait.      

Even after a year of pandemic, Hollywood has begun its annual award season, and is honoring films.

One of the award winners doesn’t deal with Covid-19, but looks at another recent unsettled time in America.     It’s the subject of Libby Wadman’s Friday Film Review.  

Director Cholé Zhao has returned with her third film, "Nomadland", which once again showcases her ability to create moving films mixing fact with fiction. It is done so perfectly that "Nomadland" is the 2021 Golden Globe winner for Best Picture Drama.

Friday Film Review--"Life In A Day 2020"

Feb 26, 2021

For this week’s Friday Film Review, Linda Jager looks at a documentary that spanned the globe—and was featured at this year’s online Sundance Film Festival.

July 25, 2020, was likely just another ordinary summer day for many of us. Yet, the events of that one particular day were chronicled by hundreds of thousands of individuals worldwide for the YouTube documentary” Life in a Day 2020”.

Rick Brough has this week’s Friday Film Review, about a quiet modern-day Western that morphs into something quite different.

The new film “Let Him Go” stars two iconic actors who began in the Eighties—Diane Lane and Kevin Costner.

They play Margaret and George Blackledge, who live a pretty contented life on a Montana ranch with their adult son, his wife and baby.

But the son dies tragically in a horse fall.   Jump ahead a few years later, and his widow, Lorna, marries again to a character named Donny Weboy.

Friday Film Review--'Our Friend'

Feb 13, 2021

Our Friend, had its world premiere at the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival. It was released on January 22, 2021. Barb Bretz has this week's Friday Film Review.



Our Friend, is a true story based on Matthew Teague’s 2015 Esquire essay entitled, “The Friend: Love is not a Big Enough Word.” In 2012, Teague’s 34 year-old wife and mother of their two young daughters, received a cancer diagnosis changing all their lives.

Sundance Film Festival


  Human Factors, written and directed by Ronny Trocker, screened as part of the World Cinema Dramatic Competition. Here's Barb Bretz with her take.

The film, is very ‘European’ in style and setting. Language is German and French with English subtitles.

Sundance 2021: 'Together Together'

Feb 4, 2021
Sundance Film Festival


 Together, Together premiered in the U.S. Dramatic category.  Barb Bretz has this review:

Sundance Film Festival

  One For the Road was chosen as an opening night film at this year’s festival. Barb Bretz has this review.

The co-writer and director Baz Poonpiriya, is an up-and-coming Thai director whose 2017 film Bad Genius, won a record-breaking 12 categories at the 27th Suphannahong National Film Awards in Thailand.