Gerardo Nava

Local soccer coach and undocumented immigrant Gerardo Nava has been released on bond from a Nevada ICE detention facility.

His attorney says he could be headed home to Park City on Friday and it could be a matter of years before the court decides about any deportation.

As we’ve reported, the 35-year-old Nava was charged last year with Identity Fraud, after about a decade in the U.S.

Local soccer dad and undocumented immigrant Gerardo Nava, who drew community support when he was brought to court, is now confined at an ICE facility near Las Vegas.

His attorney says right now, he’s in a waiting game to find out what date he is scheduled to appear in a courtroom.

As we’ve reported Nava was charged last year with Identity Fraud and appeared in Third District Court about two weeks ago. Under a plea bargain, he was given a year on probation, but had to be handed over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

As we’ve reported, local youth soccer dad Gerardo Nava came to a plea agreement in Third District Court Monday after being arrested last year on allegations of Identity Fraud.

With a crowd of supporters in attendance, the 35-year-old non-citizen pled to a reduced Misdemeanor Charge.

His attorney said that Nava’s history is not unusual.

The Utah Attorney General’s Office filed Identity Fraud and Forger charges against Nava in September of 2018.

A local soccer coach, and non-citizen, facing charges of Identity Fraud, went to a Third District Court hearing Monday, with an audience of 60 to 70 locals showing up in support.

In the end, the defendant, 35-year-old Gerardo Nava, entered into a plea bargain with prosecutors. He was sentenced to a year on prohibition, as the courtroom audience applauded at the end of the hearing.

He will, however, go onto a proceeding with Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE.