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As the Park City School District winds down the year long master planning efforts, they’re asking for one last push of participation from the public. The Board of Education wants direction on implementation of the final 10 projects that have been identified as critical to the future of learning in the Park City School District.


Park City School District’s master planning meeting Tuesday night introduced costs related to the grade alignment options. Those options were presented by consultants to the school board last month. The 19-person steering committee came up with four options showing different school and grade configurations. One prevailing tenet is, everyone agrees, that ninth grade should be in the high school.

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The Park City School District will host a public forum on Tuesday evening to gather more input on the facilities and grade alignment options that were established through the district’s nine-month master planning efforts. They’re hoping to hear community feedback and explain how they developed the four alternatives known as Options A,B,C and D.



Is it time for Park City to have two high schools? Should one be a traditional curriculum, the other more career and technical? Should elementary schools include 6th grade? Or should there be neighborhood kindergarten through 8th grade schools. One thing people seem to agree on is that it is time to move 9th grade back to the high school. Tuesday, April 30th is another opportunity to give input on what the future of the Park City School District should look like.

On today’s program, Kimball Art Center Education Director Heather Stamenov has details on some upcoming events.  GSBS Architects Project Manager Clio Raynor talks about the master planning efforts underway at the Park City School District and NPR Correspondent Howard Berkes talks about his investigation into the deaths of coal miners - deaths that could have been prevented if regulators had acted. We also talk about what’s next for him. After nearly 40 years at NPR, he’s retiring. 



The Park City School District is holding a Future of  ducation Visioning session at the Richin’s Building on Monday. They’re offering two-one-hour sessions back to back starting at 5:30. They want the community to come and give input. It’s quick and simple and won’t take longer than an hour. Carolyn Murray has this:

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It’s Back To School in Park City starting Thursday, August 23rd. The Board of Education met for the first time with the new, Park City School Superintendent in place. They approved a tunnel project and a Master Planning consulting contract. With school starting, and the Park and Ride construction project underway on Kilby Road near Ecker Hill Middle School, officials ask everyone to pay attention while driving, walking and cycling in all the school areas. Carolyn Murray has this: