Guardsman Pass

Utah Open Lands

Mountain roads connecting Park City, Midway and Big Cottonwood Canyon are now all open.

After an impressive snow season both Empire and Guardsman Pass are open for the season.

State Route 224 connects Midway to Park City, while State Route 190 connects Big Cottonwood Canyon to both Park City and Midway.

The roads typically close for the season with snow fall, either in late fall or early winter.

As of Wednesday, Mirror Lake Highway in eastern Summit County from Mile Post 14 to Mile Post 48 remains closed.


Park City municipal purchased the Bonanza Flat property in 2017. The property is located outside the city’s jurisdiction in Wasatch County. The logistics of a municipalities property in another county, continues to be a challenge for both Park City and Wasatch County. The latest discussion revolves around  the right of way of Wasatch County roads on the property.


The Wasatch County Sheriff’s Department has been enforcing the parking regulations on the Guardsman’s Pass Road near the Brighton Estates neighborhood. They have been towing vehicles regularly and will continue to enforce the parking restrictions.  Carolyn Murray has this:

Wasatch County Sheriff’s Deputy, Jared Rigby says there have been safety concerns that people are parking on the side of the Guardsman’s Road.  It causes a narrowing of the roadway so other cars cannot get through.

This is the first winter that Park City has had ownership of Bonanza Flat, the 1,350 acres of open space at the top of Guardsman Pass. Now that ski season is upon us, Park City residents who are paying for 25 of the $38-million price tag may be wondering how they can access the open space they’re paying for now that Guardsman Gate is locked for the winter.

As KPCW’s Melissa Allison reports, only Brighton Estate residents who purchase a $600 key can drive their cars on SR-224. Even so, the road continues to be open to the public by all other means including hiking, skiing and snowmobiling. 

Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT)

Guardsman Pass is now open between Big Cottonwood Canyon and Wasatch County.  But crews clearing the road had to take a break for a newborn.  KPCW's Renai Bodley has the story: