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Tuesday’s Heber City Council meeting primarily focused on discussing code approval of the North Village Overlay Zone, commonly referred to as the NVOZ.

Heber City Planning Dept.

The Heber City Council met Tuesday night. It took public input on the North Village Development process of approving a zone change in anticipation of annexing thousands of acres from Wasatch County into Heber City.

The Heber City Council work session and a public meeting were held virtually, and during the six hour-long events, there were nearly 200 people signed on the meeting link. Comments came from virtual participants, emailed letters to the council, and even some in-person attendees.

On today's Local News Hour:

(04:50) - Heber City Council Memeber Heidi Franco talks about the public input given during yesterday's meeting regarding the North Village Overlay Zone.

(22:31) -  Park City Manager Matt Dias has a preview of the agenda for Thursday's city council meeting.

(38:50) - Managing Director and CFO of Sundance Institute Betsy Wallace has details on this year's ticket sales and decision to keep the Ray Theater closed to in person screenings.

North Village Zone Will Take More Public Comment

Jan 5, 2021
NVOZ Heber City

The Heber City Council public meeting will meet this Tuesday beginning at 6 PM. The work meeting begins at 4. The North Village Overlay Zone is on the agenda and will be open for public comment for a fourth hearing.

On today's Local News Hour:

( 03:02) Utah Avalanche Forecast Center Report  with Greg Gagne.

( 06:18) Heber City Council Member Ryan Stack has an update on the NVOZ – The North Village Overlay Zone - and the special meeting held on Wednesday. 

( 20:32)Park City Councilmember Steve Joyce has a recap of last night's meeting.

( 34:10) Utah Olympic Legacy Foundation CEO Colin Hilton has details on phase two of the UOP expansion and some UOP/OIympic happenings.

On today's Local News Hour:

( 07:28) Rachel Kahler Heber City Council Member calling in to give a recap of last night's meeting.

( 22:08) Teri Orr previews TedXPark City and the history of local TED Talk events.

( 35:36) Sloan Johnson Summit Community Gardens.

Today on the Local News Hour: 

(06:16) - Big Brothers Big Sisters Wasatch and Summit County Manager Lacey Cole-Rae and Park City Police Captain Phil Kirk talked with Carolyn about the BBBS virtual fund raiserevent and the project, 60 Men in 60 Days.

(21:23) - The Weilenmann School of Discovery Executive Director Steve Williams talked about his new position as ED and the preparations they’ve put in place to welcome kids and teachers Back To School.

Heber City

Plans to limit full home, short-term rentals in Heber’s downtown area were scrapped by its city council on Tuesday.


Heber City Council has been discussing possible ordinances surrounding nightly rentals like Airbnb and VRBO in the city for about a year. The council last night agreed that owner occupied rentals should be allowed in all parts of the city, however.


Heber City

Heber City Council met in a special meeting Wednesday evening to discuss zoning ordinances for developments seeking annexation into the north end of the city along US Highway 40.

The previously entitled Sorenson development will add 5,700 units to the north of current city development, between the Wasatch commons apartment complex and State Road 32, over 40 years.  

Heber City

Heber City Council discussed nightly rentals, annexations to the north and the fiscal year budget at their meeting last week. 

Today on the Local News Hour:

( 06:20) State Rep. Tim Quinn (R- District 54) discusses the outcomes of last week's Special Session.

( 21:23) Republican candidate for Utah House of Representatives 54th District Randy Favero talks about why he’s running for office and what he offers to the voters. He is one of two Republican candidates on the June 30th primary.

( 35:10) Heber City Council Member Rachel Kahler has a recap from last week's meeting.

Heber City

Heber City Council approved the annexation of the Sorenson Property, meaning the incoming 5,700-unit development built over the course of 40 years will officially be a part of the city.  

Heber City

Heber City Council will be voting on and likely approving a petition known as the Sorenson annexation at their Tuesday meeting. The agreement will double the size of Heber.

Heber City

With Heber’s general plan updated, the city is now looking at the details of what implementation will look like.

Heber City

After two years of consideration, Heber City Council will be taking a vote on the Sorenson annexation nest Tuesday.